Ryan Jimmo talks picture-perfect UFC debut and future plans inside the octagon

September 5, 2012


Ryan Jimmo talks picture-perfect UFC debut and future plans inside the octagon

Charles Rock – It took only 7-seconds for Alberta’s own Ryan “Big Deal” Jimmo to put Anthony Perosh to sleep in his octagon debut at UFC 149 back in July, 2012 in front of his home crowd in Calgary, Alberta.  Jimmo is riding an impressive 17-fight win streak and doesn’t look like hes slowing down any time soon.

MMACanada.net caught up with the bright star and got his thoughts on his placement in the UFC and how it changed his life.

Q) Ryan your UFC debut was picture perfect as you tied the 7-second KO record.  Has this finally sunk in yet and your thoughts on fighting for the UFC?

A) Yeah it couldn’t of gone any better than my debut I don’t think, it’s been a long time coming and I was really excited to finally be in the octagon.

Q) How has competing in the UFC different than any other league, and have more doors opened for you as a fighter being recognized as a record holder in the UFC and being showcased around north america on sports replays for your KO over Perosh?

A) The UFC is the biggest and the brightest In the world. Many doors have opened from appearance opportunities to sponsorship. Not to mention just being recognized on a daily basis.

Q) Todd Duffee was a man everyone was talking about years ago when he scored a quick KO in his ufc debut, how will you make sure that u won’t be just a repeat of what happened to Duffee’s career in the fans minds?

A) Well I think duffee was trying to be a superstar too fast after that. He wanted to get fast tracked too soon and paid the price. I’m not in that frame of mind, I think I have a lot of work to do as a fighter and wish to take a sure and steady road as opposed to a fast one.

Q) Have their been any talks of when you will be returning back to the UFC?

A) I might be taking my next fight after the new year or if a short notice fight comes up that favorable and I’m in the proper shape. It will probably be a Canadian card.

Q) Are there any opponents that you want to see yourself tested against in the near future?

A) No one in particular. I don’t wish to fight the top fighters right now. Those fights are in my future but I want to make sure that the time is right when I fit the top dogs.

Q) A lot of the people behind the scenes of a fighters career don’t get the credit and recognition they deserve, can you give us some insight as to who is behind you and who your team is?

A) Well first and foremost I think my parents have to be inc,used for supporting my dreams from when I was doing karate. In Edmonton it’s the team of frank lees and their trainers, hayabusa gym here, the university of Alberta’s wrestling program and athletes nation for my speed and strength, some past characters in the Edmonton scene that have helped me along the way have been my former manager bobby karimi ( and believe it or not lol) mark pavelich and the mfc. I’m with the black zillions now my manager Glenn Robinson not to mention my coach mike vanarsdale. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I wouldn’t be where I am without my team behind me.



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