Aggression Fighting Championships inks deal with Youtoo TV

October 1, 2012


Aggression Fighting Championships inks deal with Youtoo TV

Youtoo TV, a leader in interactive television, today announced it reached an agreement with KoldCast Entertainment Media, LLC to bring mixed martial arts (MMA) programming to Youtoo TV’s interactive fall TV lineup.

The deal paves the way for the AFC, one of Canada’s largest MMA organizations, to air fights each Saturday night on Youtoo TV during a 2-hour block called, “Aggression TV MMA,” premiering Saturday, October 6, 2012. Youtoo TV reaches 15 million U.S. households.

Now, MMA fans will have the chance to be on TV during the program by recording a video, known as a “Fame Spot.” If chosen by producers, the viewer will appear on the show. Viewers can also interact with fighters by downloading the Youtoo mobile app or visiting

“MMA fans are among the most diehard sports fans on the planet,” says David S. Samuels, KoldCast’s CEO. “On Youtoo TV, viewers can watch AFC fights and personally engage MMA fighters through Youtoo’s patented TV technology, which allows viewers to be on TV in a few simple clicks.”

MMA is a full contact combat sport that allows the use of striking and grappling techniques used across a variety of other combat sports. In recent years, the sport has gone mainstream, attracting an ever-growing fan base.

Chris Wyatt, CEO of Youtoo TV, said, “As pioneers in interactive television, we’re excited to push the envelope of sports programming. Making AFC televised fighting interactive is a big step forward in defining the future of the broadcast sports.”

“Aggression TV MMA” debuts on October 6, 2012 at 9:00 pm EST with an encore presentation on Sunday at 1:00 pm EST. Produced by Aggression TV, each Saturday a new AFC fight will air on Youtoo TV. The bouts will include extended programming from short-form MMA reality shows, to docudramas and fight mash-ups.

“The impact of weekly television exposure offers huge value for our brand, sponsors, and fighters,” said AFC co-owner Harvey Panesar. “This is a great opportunity to be on the cutting edge of technology. AFC’s fighters are already primed to use Youtoo technology – they love their fans and their fans love them. Youtoo technology KO’s every other social capability we have seen to-date.”



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