UFC media conference call live updates starting at 4pm ET with Jones, Sonnen and Dana White

October 17, 2012


UFC media conference call live updates starting at 4pm ET with Jones, Sonnen and Dana White

The Ultimate Fighting Championship will be hosting a live media phone conference call to discuss the upcoming title-bout with Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen, taking place next year in April, 2013.

The conference will start at approximately 4pm EST and will feature both Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones along with UFC President Dana White.

Jon Jones is the current UFC light heavyweight champion and regarded as the future of the sport. Chael Sonnen is a former UFC middleweight number one contender and is looked at as the bad boy of the UFC. These two will meet as opposing coaches on the Ultimate Fighter 17 before they fight for the UFC light heavyweight title in April of 2013.

Conference call updates will be updated below

Conference call will start shortly


– Jon Jones believes he can beat Chael Sonnen and wants to get this behind him to solidify his career, along with a win over Dan Henderson
– Jon Jones is rehabbing his injury with UFC recommended doctors
– Dana White says it makes sense for Jones to do the Ultimate Fighter
– Dana says fans want this fight, Jon wants this fight and Chael wants this fight
– Chuck from FX says the TUF show is moving off of Friday nights, will not release new date for show
– Chael says this show is the single biggest and toughest tournament in this sport. Tougher than every other tournament sport.
– Dana says fight will premier in January. The fight will tentatively be in New Jersey.
– Dana says, fighters who bitch about title shots have turned them down or got injured.
– Chuck from FX talks about his comment on SPIKE TV “SPIKE TV should watch their ass”. He says “We watched how they behaved”
– Chael responds to the fighters who say he doesnt deserve the shot. “We live in this type of world. Ive called every one of those b*stards out and I would love a tune up fight, especially with the karate guy. Not one of them stepped up and called out Jones. I am the only one that has called Jones out.”
– Chael says Jon Jones ranks as the best fighter he has ever seen. “I would put Randy Couture above him. I believe he is fantastic (Jones). He hasnt beat anybody until he beats me. He beat Bader, Shogun, Rampage, Vitor.. he needs to beat me. These fighters talk tough, they dont sign contracts.”
– Chael says “I will coach half these guys to be fighters, Jon will coach half these guys to be selfish” Jones isnt happy about that and says he will throw an afterparty in April.
– Im in a lot better shape than Jon. Jon has more skills but I am in better shape. Jon says “On TRT or off TRT?” Chael says “umm lets move on”.



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