Aiemann Zahabi talks highly-anticipated Pro MMA debut at Tristar Fights 1 in Montreal, Quebec

November 23, 2012


Aiemann Zahabi talks highly-anticipated Pro MMA debut at Tristar Fights 1 in Montreal, Quebec

The Pro MMA debut of Aiemann Zahabi, younger brother to world reknown coach Firas Zahabi, will take place on the debut of Tristar Fights 1, November 30, 2012 from Montreal, Quebec.

Aiemann Zahabi is well known for his coaching of rising MMA fighters out of the Montreal-based Tristar gym, home to none other than current UFC champion Georges St-Pierre.

Under the guidance of older brother Firas Zahabi, Aiemann will pursue the next chapter of his life in Mixed Martial Arts competition on November 30.

The young athlete has nothing but a ton of support from his friends and family through a new program called “Fund a Fighter”, a company that allows athletes to raise funds to help them with their MMA careers. As we all know, it isnt the easiest thing to do and it takes time, effort and money to get ahead in this sport. has always been a big supporter of the Zahabi’s and Tristar for as long as we can remember, and we sat down with Aiemann Zahabi to get his thoughts on his pro MMA debut.

Q) You are making your MMA debut against Kyle Vivian (0-4) at the first ever Tristar fights, after years and years of training and cornering some of the top fighters, what made you decide to compete?
A) I have been wanting to fight pro for a very long time, it was always my goal. I have been training consistently for years now and was simply waiting on the nod from my brother, Firas. One day we were having lunch at my parents house, the question came out of nowhere. “Aiemann, do you want to fight pro?” He said it very non chalantly, and I quickly responded, “Yeah.” I was excited but didn’t think too much of it until after one practice, while stretching he had told me he booked me a fight. He said to me, “Prepare yourself accordingly.” The decision was made mostly because his confidence in the fact that I was listening well, and had earned enough experience to make the jump. I had been competing in Jiu Jitsu tournaments, wrestling tournaments, amateur mma bouts, and even one amateur muay thai fight.

Q) When you think of MMA in Canada, you think of the Zahabi’s and has the support been and what type of advice were given to you by not only your brother Firas but the other pro-fighters who train with you?
A) So far the support has been great. From my brother, to all my training partners. Firas has told me not to buy into any hype, and just remain focused on training and the task at hand. My friend and training partner Kenny Florian has told me that this is what I’ve been wanting to do, and I put my time in. Not too get too stressed out about any outcome, just go in there and do my thing. Miguel Torres, Yves Jabouin, Georges St. Pierre, Ryan Hall, Ivan Menjivar, among many others have been keeping me positive and level headed throughout this whole process, and am very lucky to have not only such a great team of training partners, but such a good support structure.

Q) During our visits to Tristar in the past few years, a few of the pro-fighters would mention your name as an outstanding fighter if you ever competed, and the time has now come,.. talk about the preparations and training schedule for your bout?
A) My training revolves around the schedule Firas has put forth for all the pros. I am very fortunate to work with such high level guys, and such knowledgeable coaches. I usually get two work outs in a day, six days a week. Not every workout is meant to push the pace…I mix in light practices with harder ones to make sure I remain intense, but also technical. I hit pads with former Kickboxing Champion Conrad Pla, train wrestling privates with wrestling World Champion and Olympian Gia Siassouri, I go into Victor Zilberman’ Montreal Wrestling Club to make sure my wrestling is up to par. Overseeing all of this of course is my brother, Firas Zahabi, He’s my strategist, my mentor, and head coach.

Q) Again, your surrounded by top caliber athletes on a regular basis, who will be cornering you in your first fight?
A) For this fight, Firas Zahabi, Conrad Pla, and Louie Sanoudakis will be in my corner. Firas Zahabi is obviously in my corner because he has been my coach from day one. He has taught me most of what I know, and I trust in all his advice. I’ve asked Conrad Pla to be there because of his extensive knowledge in striking. He knows exactly what he wants me to adjust, and exactly how to express it to me concisely. I have been hitting pads with him for a long time, so he is another obvious choice. Louie Sanoudakis will be the third man in my corner because he is my main training partner, and has put in a lot of reps with me. We’ve been training together for a long time, and he knows and understands my game very well. I trust in him very much.

Q) You and your brother have been very involved in, can you explain your experience and how people can help you?
A) Fund A Fighter is a website that helps fighters raise funds through crowd funding. It is the brainchild of Firas Zahabi, Robbie Stein, and Greg Hoffman. It helps fighters raise funds to help them throughout their training. It allows us to concentrate more deeply on training, and less on worrying about having to work a full time job on top of training. Our schedule is rigorous, so it has been a huge help. I currently have a campaign going for my debut fight. If you’re interested in pledging, you can check it out at

Q) Last question, how do you see yourself coming out the victor on Nov. 30?
A) I am not going out there to win in any specific way. I will go in there confident, and trust in all the hard work I’ve done, and take any opportunity that is given to me. I’d like to give a big thanks to all my coaches, training partners, and all my supporters. Thanks to all the people who pledged to my campaign on Fund A Fighter. Big shout out to my brother Firas Zahabi who has given me the opportunity to fight professionally. Big thanks to Robbie Stein who has believed in my Fund A Fighter campaign since day one. I hope to put on a great show for everyone November 30th, and am looking forward to seeing you all there!



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