Alex Ricci ready for 15 minutes of war against Kevin Morin at SFS 7 in Hamilton on Nov. 23

November 21, 2012


Alex Ricci ready for 15 minutes of war against Kevin Morin at SFS 7 in Hamilton on Nov. 23

Woodbridge, Ontario’s Alex Ricci is one of the most talked about up and coming fighters out of Ontario.  He was on an undefeated streak until his last fight where he dropped a close decision to Jesse Ronson back at SFS 5.

The first loss in a fighters career is always the toughest to accept, however, this is what drives a young fighter to become the next possible “big thing”, by learning from past mistakes.

The Score Fighting Series 7 takes place this Friday, November 23. 2012 from inside Hamilton Place Theatre in Hamilton, Ontario.

Ricci, 5-1 in his pro mma career, will look to seize the moment by making a comeback this Friday in front of his family, friends and fans and finish the fight in style with his world-class striking and incredible cardio and conditioning. caught up with Ricci to discuss his last bout where he lost a close decision to Ronson, and his drive to succeed as one of Canada’s promising young talent as his journey resumes when he battles Kevin Morin.

Q) Alex, please talk about your last loss to Jesse Ronson. This was the first defeat in your career, tell us what went wrong and after looking back at the tapes, how did you learn from the loss?
It was a hard loss to accept as I had worked so hard but it happens. I mean I think it was a great fight for the fans and i think it would have been great to have a couple extra rounds but jesse caught me early in the first and I couldn’t make up the lost ground fast enough. Looking at the tapes just highlighted a few strategic errors I made like going for the late takedown. It is natural for mistakes like that to happen as I am still pretty new to MMA but it really helped us focus on making smart decisions in the cage and made me work on being a complete fighter so I have options if I am ever in a bad spot again. The loss really motivated me to work hard so I can live up to my potential and show my fans, friends, and training partners how their support makes me the best fighter I can be.

Q) Talk about your upcoming fight with Kevin Morin at SFS 7 this Friday in Hamilton, what do you know about him, and what are you expecting from him?
He is a very game opponent. He is tough and will keep coming at you the whole 15 minutes. He has a few tricky moves on the feet and likes to feint alot. On the ground the has a few submissions on the bottom and on top he is very busy with ground and pound. I am getting ready for another war and I know that if I can’t finish him I will need to be ready for 15 minutes

Q) where do you feel you are better than him in this fight, and what must you do in order to get a victory?
I think that I have an advantage striking with him. I am a little cleaner in my technique and have more options on my feet than he has showed in his last few fights. I think that to win I need to control the distance and dictate the rhythm to keep him from turning the fight into a brawl. The more technical of a fight it is the more opportunities I will have to exploit his defensive lapses without exposing myself to his power.

Q) A win over your opponent is vital, what does this mean for your career?
At this stage in my career I need to win to advance to the big show. I can’t look any farther than Kevin as I won’t be able to get where I want to be without beating him. If I don’t beat him then I don’t move ahead it’s as simple as that.

Q) How has your training evolved since the last time you were in the cage?
I have been working with a wider group of partners to really help push my game in all areas of MMA. I have been just refining my technique and making sure that I am training smart so I can spend more time on the mat and in the ring than I used to. I am also taking alot more time to work on my diet and conditioning so that I can handle all the extra sessions a week I need. I also have a dedicated group of coaches who are always keeping me focused on my gameplan and goals which really helps.

Q) How has the support been since your last fight, and now heading into ths fight on Friday night?
The support has been amazing. I just can’t thank everyone who has helped me for this fight. My students and friends at M-1 thai boxing have kept me going with their support and seeing their progress has really inspired me to get better so I can keep helping them improve. My coaches Billy, Chad, Lachlan, Steve have all kept me improving in all areas of the sport. My training partners at places like BAMA, Extreme, Grant’s, Parabellum who are always pushing my game to be better just to keep up with them. Lastly my biggest supporters are my family. I couldn’t have gotten through this camp without the unconditional love and support of my mother, father, sister, and chloe.



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