Brawler Boards: A revolutionary design for snowboarders worldwide. Snowboards for fight fans!

November 28, 2012


Brawler Boards: A revolutionary design for snowboarders worldwide. Snowboards for fight fans!

MMA is here to stay and its influence is undeniable. There are movies, action figures, trading cards, and now – snowboards? Started in 2011, Brawler Boards is bringing the excitement and intensity of the cage to the slopes with high impact graphics inspired by MMA. We spoke with the founder, Kahan Claxton, to find out what makes Brawler Boards so unique.

What makes Brawler Boards different from any other company?
Brawler Boards is the only one creating snowboards for fight fans. We love snowboarding, but fighting is at our core. Our designs are inspired by all aspects of combat sports – wrestling, kick boxing, muay thai, jiu-jitsu.

Why did you start the company?
I’ve been watching UFC® since the days of Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie. As a snowboarder, I wanted to show my passion for MMA while I was riding. When you’re on the slopes, everyone looks the same. Your snowboard speaks for you. It’s the same reason you wear a TapOut® shirt – to show your connection with the most exciting sport on the planet. That’s why we’re here – so you can show your MMA pride when you ride.

What do you like most about what you do?
The fact that I am actually involved in something I have watched for years. I can appreciate the dedication and training these fighters put in, and now I can help by sponsoring them. Fighters featured in the Signature Series get a royalty for each board that we sell. It’s a way to give back.

What’s next for Brawler Boards?
We’re currently negotiating with a Canadian manufacturer to produce our snowboards. This will allow us to offer a lot more variety in the artwork, and give our customers the ability to customize their board, from the graphics to the core. We’re also looking at expanding to include different kinds of boards, including skateboards and wakeboards. I’m stoked about our future!

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