Score Fighting: “It’s my destiny to finish this fight”. Will Romero talks rematch with Tristan Johnson at Score Fighting on Nov. 23

November 13, 2012


Score Fighting: “It’s my destiny to finish this fight”. Will Romero talks rematch with Tristan Johnson at Score Fighting on Nov. 23

In one of the biggest rematches of SFS history, two top ranked Canadian featherweights Will Romero and Tristan Johnson have agreed to duke it out once more on November 23rd in Hamilton, Ontario.

The bout will air live as part of the main card on The Score Television Network in Canada and streamed live on

Johnson (7-3), from Jordantown, Nova Scotia, defeated Romero via unanimous decision in the first official SFS event in June 2011.  The fight was a spirited affair with some calling it Romero’s way.  More recently, both men have enjoyed success with Romero on a three-fight win streak including a brutal KO of Stephane Bernadel.  Johnson also scored a high profile stoppage win over Lyndon Whitlock, but more recently suffered a TKO defeat to fast rising featherweight Rick Glenn in August. caught up with Romero to discuss the anticipated upcoming-bout.

Q) Will, you finally got that rematch against Tristan Johnson at SFS on Nov 23. Can you talk to us about how the bout negotiations went down?
A) Basically I’ve made it clear that I wanted to fight Tristan again because I felt I did more damage the first fight. I guess alot of people feel the same way, perhaps why The Score is making the match happen again.

Q) When you both first met in the cage back at SFS 1, you lost via unanimous decision. How confident do you feel going into this next fight and what have you learned from the first fight that you can apply on the 23rd.?
A) I feel really good going into this fight! I’m where I’m supposed to be physically and mentally and I think that combined with my focus is going to be the difference from my last performance with him.

Q) Talk about your training regime and what areas have you been improving on?
A) My training regimen hasn’t been much different than before. I’m always training in all areas to improve my overall game. Only difference now is I live in Montreal and train at Tri-Star gym. So you’re always pushed by like 15-25 or so top professionals who are always also competing.

Q) Just to clear the air, is there any bad blood between you and Tristan?
A) No I have no personal beef with Tristan and I don’t think he does with me that I know of. When we see each other at events we say what’s up, shake hands and carry on. We have wished each other luck at those events when fighting other people. So he’s cool but that’s about as far as it goes. I don’t know him any other way besides the sport. To me it’s never about the person unless he disrespects me personally in some way. But in a fight it’s a different story! We’re in a cage and everything goes out the window. Nothing matters!!!

Q) How do you see the fight playing out on the 23rd and what will you do to make sure you walk out a winner?
A) I’m a Lion by birth name (Romero Leon) so I was born to do this! I’ve proved to myself I belong here… It’s my destiny to finish him on this night!



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