Product Review: Aqua Hydrate, Perform at the top of your game #nomatterwhat

February 27, 2013


Product Review: Aqua Hydrate, Perform at the top of your game #nomatterwhat

AQUAhydrate changes the “DNA” of water by using electrolysis (electric currents) to supercharge our water. Because of this, our pH level is raised from neutral to an alkaline pH9+ state without the use of liquid concentrates or additives. Taste the difference!

We create, craft and deliver innovative and high quality beverages that provide you with a healthy balance of nutritional benefits so you can perform at the top of your game, no matter what drives you. We never overpromise and will always strive to over deliver by working harder, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved and living by our beliefs and core values.

We exist to passionately encourage you to explore the new. Stretch yourself, perform well and accomplish your goals.

AquaHYDRATE can be purchased at all GNC stores across Canada and the United States.




Water is filtered into our system where cutting-edge pharmaceutical grade UV filters clear impurities and strip water of unwanted harmful dissolved solids.



A proprietary blend of electrolytes and trace minerals called ConcenTrace enhances our water with 72 different electrolytes and trace minerals. We source our electrolytes and minerals from the mineral-rich marine regions of Utah to ensure quality and taste.



Many of the processed foods and beverages we eat are acidic in nature. While acid production in your body is nearly impossible to avoid, it can have negative effects on the way we feel and operate. Bodies high in toxic acidic waste over an extended period of time experience what’s called “Acid Tide” that can lead to loss of strength, decreased bone, muscle, and kidney health, and decreased vitality or sluggishness.

One key measure to prevent Acid Tide and offset acid toxins in the body is to consume food and beverages with high alkaline metabolizing effects.

Click here to view the online store and for more information on Aqua Hydrate




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