Top Canadian flyweight Adrian Wooley offers entire purse to charity if promoter grants fight for Wreck 2.0

February 17, 2013


Top Canadian flyweight Adrian Wooley offers entire purse to charity if promoter grants fight for Wreck 2.0

(Press Release) – Hollie Blue Inc. is pleased to announce that its top sponsored athlete, and one of Canada’s best flyweight professional mixed martial artists, Adrian Woolley, is offering his entire fight purse to a charity of the Wreck MMA’s choice if they grant him a fight with Randy Turner. Adrian’s decision to request the fight with Randy was inspired by the fans in the sport, who widely agree on popular online communities that Adrian is the top Canadian flyweight and Randy is the top contender.

Chad Pearson, President of Hollie Blue, wrestling trainer and corporate sponsor of Adrian Woolley explains, “When you read the forums in communities, it becomes clear that fans believe Adrian is the top flyweight in the country and Randy is the strongest contender. This fight is a great career move for both of them. Currently, the UFC does not have any Canadian flyweights under contract so an exciting fight between Randy and Adrian would put both of them in the spotlight. In addition, the fans are what makes the sport and promoters succeed and it’s the fans that want this fight as much as the fighters do. As a proud sponsor of Adrian, we truly hope that Wreck MMA puts the Woolley/Turner fight on the card.”

Adrian Woolley, Professional Mixed Martial Artist adds, “Wreck MMA, led by Nick Castiglia and Pat Cooligan, works hard to better the community through charity and is a great supporter of our military and emergency services. Randy and I are both involved with the military and law enforcement so it seemed right to follow in Nick’s and Pat’s footsteps by donating my fight purse to the charity of their choice. Fans of the sport, myself, and I believe Randy, all want this fight to happen so my offer is both a gesture of good will and a request to get this fight on the card.”

Wreck MMA is a professional mixed martial arts events promotions company in the Ottawa/Gatineau area and is determined to be a positive influence on MMA and the communities it serves. It is hosting the WRECK MMA 2.0 event, presented by Giovanni’s Restaurant, on Thursday March 28th, 2013. It is not confirmed yet if the event promoters will include the Woolley/Turner fight on the card.



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