Xcessive Force Fighting Championship card for Grande Prairie on March 30th

February 9, 2013


Xcessive Force Fighting Championship card for Grande Prairie on March 30th

The XFC championship league presents a stellar line-up for it’s event that takes place on March 30th from Grand Prairie, Alberta.

The promotion revealed it’s full fight card that will feature both PRO and AMATEUR MMA bouts.


Brad “Kama” Causey vs Brad “The Bone Saw” Cardinal @ 155
Marcus Hicks vs Waiting Conformation @ 205
Aaron Gallant vs Waiting Conformation @ 155
Spencer Jebb vs Paulo Azambuja @ 170
Layne McTaggart vs CJ Bagg @ 155
Simon Marini vs TBA later due to prior commitment. @ 185
Rick “The Ginger With Intent To Injure” Pfeifer vs Mike Glover @ 135
Craig Nellis vs Jarid Bussemakers @ 185
Conrad “The Aftershock” Krzysztan vs Wally Husk @ 155
*****Still working on 2 more pro fights to be announced later.*****


Will Robbins vs Lee Popp @ 155
Alex Yuen vs Samuel Franchi @ 125
Kyle Wilson vs Jackson Fontaine @ 155
Roberto Lopez vs Abel Burroughs @ 155
Bob Drury vs Jesse Nergard @ HW
Travis Hodges vs Will Stelfox @ 185
Randy Mahon vs Waiting Conformation @ 155
Kyle Francotti vs Phil Towler @ 205



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