Battlefield Fight League 24 updated card for June 8 in Penticton, B.C.

April 21, 2013


Battlefield Fight League 24 updated card for June 8 in Penticton, B.C.

Battlefield Fight League will return to the Penticton Trade and Convention Center on June 8, 2013 for BFL 24 in British Columbia.

The event will feature a stellar main-event title fight between welterweights Matt Dwyer and Colin Daynes.

The updated fight card is as follows:

Fight card:
Matt Dwyer (4-1 BFL) vs. Colin Daynes (4-0 0-0 BFL) For Dwyer’s world welterweight title
Micah Brakefield (2-0 BFL 5-2 BFL ammy) vs. Leo Xavier (0-0 4-1 BFL ammy) For world middleweight title
MarK Dobie (4-3 2-1 BFL) vs. Stu Deleurme (0-0 4-1 BFL ammy) Pro welterweight
Jeremy Kennedy (0-0 8-1 ammy) vs. Dan Lin (5-2 0-1 BFL) Pro bantamweight
Chris Day (1-0 BFL) vs. Desmond Johnson (1-3)Pro featherweight
Joe Pirrotta (3-1 2-1 BFL ammy) vs. Craig Maclean (4-1 1-0 BFL) ammy bantamweight
Alex Zieske (2-0 BFL) vs. Steven Best (2-1 BFL) ammy bantamweight
Rob Bishop (1-0 BFL) vs. Dustin Little (1-1 0-0 BFL) ammy lightweight
Kevin Kellerman (1-0 BFL) vs. TBA ammy bantamweight
Elijah Goulding (0-1 BFL) vs. TBA ammy 130 catchweight
Vincente Pulido (0-1 BFL) vs. Johnny Gallang (1-0) ammy 150 catchweight
Mike Griesbeck (0-0 BFL) vs. Tyson Bevis (0-0 BFL) ammy lightweight



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