UFC 161: Soa “The Hulk” Palelei talks fight against Stipe Miocic in Winnipeg, Manitoba on June 15

May 6, 2013


UFC 161: Soa “The Hulk” Palelei talks fight against Stipe Miocic in Winnipeg, Manitoba on June 15

MMACanada.net had the chance to catch up with veteran Mixed Martial Artist, Australian native Soa Palelei.  Palelei (18-3) is currently riding an eight-fight win streak with his most recent victory coming by way of TKO over former UFC contender Sean McCorkle.

Since his loss to Daniel Cormier back in November of 2010, Palelei has finished all of his opponents enroute back to the UFC where he will be facing a dangerous Croation-American mixed martial artist in Stipe Miocic.

These two titans will clash in front of the Canadian crowd for the first time as the UFC debuts in Winnipeg, Manitoba on June 15, 2013 at the MTS Centre.

Palelei has a second chance to create buzz in the UFC roster, and has already begun via his Twitter account where he has over 100k followers world-wide.

MMACanada.net had the opportunity to discuss various topics with “The Hulk” regarding his upcoming bout against Stipe Miocic.

MMACanada: To the people who don’t know who you are in the mainstream, you’re a veteran mixed martial artist that has competed against some top tier talent around the world. Can you explain your road to the UFC and how happy you are to be debuting in your first-ever UFC fight on Canadian soil?

A: What can I say this has been a long time coming 3 years exact that I have hustled all day every day to be able to step back in the UFC cage. With my determination coupled with my management team paradigm sports management we made it happen. I’m extremely thankful to Joe Silva and Dana White for this second chance and I look forward to showcasing my skills in there. Being able to fight in Canada is exciting I cannot wait to get on the plane and get there, I’m glad to say I have a fair few fans there and hope to bring some more with me after I fight.

MMACanada: You are fighting Stipe Miocic, a Croation-American mixed martial artist who has only suffered one loss in his career.  How does your fighting style match up to his and what do you know about your opponent?

A: Stipe is a great fighter and has stepped in the cage with some big names. I have a mass amount of respect for him and look forward to meeting him and putting on a show for all the fans.

MMACanada: Where do you feel you have the advantage in this fight?

A: Well see what happens I’m confident in my game and am ready to get in there. Were both wanting to come out the winner in the end it’s up to how much you want it, and I know I want this bad. And I will do what I need to do to get my hand raised.

MMACanada: What type of attitude are you bringing to the UFC heavyweight roster?

A: I’m just an average guy with a pretty cool job, I still go to my local video store and KFC and if people stop me I will always have time for them. They are the reason why we are able to do what we do. I love to have a laugh with my friends and am very family driven, I’m just excited to be in there and look forward to being amongst the best in the world. Honored and humbled.

MMACanada: What do you think of the current heavyweight roster and who do you look up to in this division?

A: Each and every one of them we are all warriors, we risk getting hurt each time we step in the cage, I respect each fighter regardless of their weight class. The heavy weights are some tough dudes and I’m stoked to be a part.

MMACanada: You have a huge social media presence for a fighter that isn’t signed with the UFC, why is that? What makes you stand out over the others?

A: I would have to say 1. Is consistency I’m at it all day every day, 2. interaction I take the time to reply back to each tweet and DM I’m sent, they crack me up and at times push me to keep going. Myself and my team have made my social media our number one priority this is how we can connect with the fans that have been behind me supporting me with my UFC journey and let’s not forget they are the ones that buy tickets to watch the shows and the pay per views.

MMACanada: Can you talk about your training regimen and how you are preparing for Stipe Miocic?

A: Training has been intense to say the least, I work with my strength and conditioning coaches Jono, Hayden, Jaso & Tara at Southern Crossfit this is bad ass each day, but it’s made me improve to be the fighter I am today, then my Kickboxing Coach Glen McEwan we work 3 times a week, my boxing coach Paul Oreb and we work pretty much 6 days a week if not 7, I also do BJJ and wrestling throughout the week. Its hard work at times but it’s all for the right reason and I don’t want any regrets, if my daughters can get up at 5am 6days a week to swim, their dad “The Hulk” can most definitely get his butt to training.

MMACanada: Thank you for your time and best of luck on June 15 in Winnipeg Canada!

A: Thank you Charles and MMA Canada, I’d like to thank my sponsors Mack Boots, Dodge at Osbourne Park Chrysler Jeep and Dodge, Southern Crossfit, HotMetal Design, GobSmacked Mouth guards, Limousine Excursions, my management team at paradigm sports Audie, Saia, Ryan, Matt and the rest of the guys, my team here in Perth, my family you keep me going each and everyday and my fans all of you who tweet or facebook and have been with me all this time, thank you all much love #OneLove “The Hulk”



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