One on One with Canadian TUF 18’s Sarah “Cheesecake” Moras

September 7, 2013


One on One with Canadian TUF 18’s Sarah “Cheesecake” Moras

One of Canada’s rising female athletes, Sarah “Cheesecake” Moras is one of the very few Canadians who made it into the Ultimate Fighter 18 house.   Moras was selected by Miesha Tate and won her way into the house by defeating Tara LaRosa by unanimous decision.

The B.C. native sits down with to discuss her experience trying out and her thoughts on Team Tate plus much more.

Q) Sarah, congrats on getting into the TUF 18 house.  Can you explain the whole process from learning about TUF 18 and going through the entire process and getting on the show?

Sarah: Tryouts are in Vegas, you need to fly yourself there.  Tryouts consist of grappling, hitting pads and interviews, with cuts made after each one.  It was a few weeks after I got home before I heard that I’d be competing on the show.

Q) The show debuted just this past week and you looked very impressive.  How important was it for you to get into the house and represent Canada?

Sarah: It was super important, especially being from Canada, not only to represent Canada but because there is very little competition in Canada. It is extremely hard to find fights and you need a good record with quite a bit of wins before the UFC considers you.  So this was my shot to get people to notice me and to get fights more than once a year.

Q) You indeed looked great in your fight!  You were picked to be part of team Tate.  Is this the team you originally wanted?

Sarah: Originally Tate wasn’t even an option, it was Cat Zingano and Ronda Rousey, we didn’t find out Tate was stepping in until after we had made weight and we were just finding out who we were fighting.  I was more focused on the fight than whose team I’d be on.

Q) This is a time in a fighters life where they can learn from other coaches and camps.  How have you responded to the coaching of Miesha Tate and her team and how much more have you progressed since being on the show?

Sarah: Honestly, I liked the coaching staff that Miesha brought in, they were amazing people.  On the other hand being in the house you don’t know when you are going to fight and you can’t be learning all these new crazy techniques and different things, you get 24 hours notice to make weight so you are constantly just trying to stay uninjured and in-shape.   I have an amazing team in Kelowna that I missed and I am glad to be back home.

Q) What can everyone expect from this season of TUF?

Sarah: I don’t even know what to expect this season, it totally depends on how everything is edited.  I think people are going to have a way better understanding of womens MMA and hopefully realize all the hard work and dedication it takes to be a fighter whether you are a male or female, and that females can actually fight and that we deserve to be in the UFC.

Q) What can everyone expect from YOU in this season of TUF?

Sarah: This is kind of a hard question to answer as well.  Having camera’s on you 24/7 there is a lot of stuff that happens and episodes are only an hour long.  You’ll have to watch and find out how crazy or normal I am.

Q) How did it feel to live with other men and women inside the TUF house?

Sarah: It was kind of cool, I’ve traveled and trained at a lot of different places and I’ve also moved a lot in my life.  Living in the house was what I sort of expected it to be for the most part.  I knew I’d be in the house with 15 other people so I had an idea of what to expect.  Coming home was crazier, usually when I move away I don’t come back.  I found it kind of lonely when I came back and not constantly having people around to talk to.  I miss them and being in that house, but I’m glad to have my phone back and being able to have contact with the outside world again.

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