Louis Fisette talks TUF 18 experience and upcoming episode this Wed

September 29, 2013


Louis Fisette talks TUF 18 experience and upcoming episode this Wed

Louis Fisette caught the attention by none other than UFC President Dana White in the preliminary round of The Ultimate Fighter 18 and was brought back because of his exciting fight style.  Fisette is one of Canada’s stars competing on the current season of TUF 18 for a six-figure UFC contract.

Fisette is also a member of Team Tate and is will be featured on the newest episode of TUF 18 which airs on Wednesday, October 2, 2013 where he battles Team Rousey’s Davie Grant.  We caught up with the Canadian to get his thoughts on TUF 18, the fights, the perks and who the toughest women in the house were!

Q) Louis, talk to us about how the opportunity of being on the current season of the Ultimate Fighter presented itself to you?

A) I was watching one of the UFC cards with a few friends when it was announced. I was only a few week out from a fight so I told myself “If I win this fight ill go try out”. Well, I won that fight, went to the tryouts and here we are!

Q) What was it like trying out and were you nervous being part of the elimination rounds?

A) Going into the tryouts, I told myself if I make it past the grappling (the first round) ill be happy. This way the UFC execs will have seen my face, seen my name, something! Anything past that was a bonus. Every round I said the same thing, this is all a bonus

Q) You lost a real close fight to Holdsworth and UFC president Dana White said that you were by far one of the most exciting fighters he has seen during the elimination fights. He ultimately chose for you to come back to the house. How grateful were you to hear that come from the UFC’s president and how much more focused and motivated were you when you returned?

A) I was ecstatic to hear the things they said about me! Dana White can be a hard man to please, he likes exciting fights. I was lucky enough to catch his eye and earn the callback! I always go into a fight looking to entertain. Whether I win or lose, I want people to enjoy my fight. Unfortunately I lost that one, but still worked out for me in the end.

Q) You are part of Team Tate, how did you like the coaching and training from her and her coaches?

A) When I got to the UFC gym for the first time, I was undecided as to what team I wanted to be on. Being around the coaches, Miesha was just so positive, and I feel like that fits better with my personality. At first I felt like we didn’t have the most well known coaching staff around. Talking to Miesha as the season went on, it turns out that she really only had roughly 24 hours to get things ready for the season. Spending more time with our coaches I think we ended up with great coaches, and most of all a GREAT environment.

Q) The next episode of the Ultimate Fighter you will clash with Team Rousey’s Davie Grant. Obviously without giving too much away, what can everyone expect from next weeks TUF episode?

A) It should be a good fight. Davie was one of my good friends in the house, I slept in the bed next to him. We agreed when we get in there its nothing but business. We both knew that we were there for one reason, put on a show and win that contract! His size and strength against my skill and speed!

Q) We all saw how you and Sara Moras were training in the previous episode, who were some of the toughest girls you trained with in the house?

A) Sarah and Raquel were both really tough. Roxanne and Julianna were both much smaller than me so didn’t pose much of a threat. As far as skill goes, hands down Raquel. She’s definitely one of the most talented girls ive ever met. Very skilled and very tough! Quite the combo you rarely fight in a girl.

Q) How does it feel living with other roomates in the TUF house and what are some of the perks of being there that the UFC gives to its cast?

A) Living with 15 other people is just like youd expect. AWFUL! Really it wasn’t all bad, just hard being away from your loved ones that long while being surrounded by strangers. It doesn’t matter who you are with everyday for 6 weeks, they are more than likely going to annoy you at some point. Luckily I made some good friends that made the time go by faster. 6 weeks honestly felt like 6 months. Perks was all the free gear and all the food we wanted!



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