Updated: GSP’s sister says “Father is well” putting to end rumors by TMZ

November 18, 2013


Updated:  GSP’s sister says “Father is well” putting to end rumors by TMZ

Just earlier today, TMZ.com reported that UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre is stepping away from the Octagon due to two separate personal issues.

The website reported that St-Pierre’s father is dying, and he is also dealing with an unplanned pregnancy — he recently learned that he impregnated an unnamed woman, and she wants to keep the child.

According to TMZ, GSP is not interested in being a father.

St-Pierre’s sister Myriam St-Pierre quickly commented on the rumor as it broke earlier today stating the following in her interview to Gabriel Lebland of Le Presse (courtesy of Google translate):

“My father is doing very well. We get lots of calls and this rumor has to stop. It makes us pain. My father keeps my children. He would not keep them if he was about to die. I do not know where this rumor came from, but this is wrong.”

SB Nation’s Ariel Helwani — who is fluent in French — also deciphered the message himself on “The MMA Hour:”

“The father of Georges St. Pierre, is doing well. Despite the rumors, he is not at all dying. He is taking care of my kids.”

GSP shockingly announced after his win over Johnny Hendricks at UFC 167 in Las Vegas on Saturday night that he was leaving the cage for a while.

“I have to go away for a bit; I have personal things I need to take care of,” said St. Pierre, but he stopped short of telling interviewer Joe Rogan that he was set to retire.




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