Dana White feels better after talking to St-Pierre about “hanging up the gloves” following UFC 167

November 17, 2013


Dana White feels better after talking to St-Pierre about “hanging up the gloves” following UFC 167

Georges St-Pierre dropped a bomb in his post in ring interview with Joe Rogan following his split-decision win over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 last night.   St-Pierre stated that he is “hanging up the gloves” for alittle while due to personal problems in his life.

According to UFC President Dana White, he feels abit better after speaking with St-Pierre but will not comment on what it is specifically, instead he says it is not as bad as it looks:

“[I talked to Georges St. Pierre]. I’m in a better mood now. [We talked] about his problems and his problems aren’t as bad as he thinks they are. I’m not Dr. Oz, or whoever that guy is, but Lorenzo is still in there talking to him. We’ll get through this. I’m confident that he will come back. One of the things that makes Georges as great as he is, is that things drive him crazy. Little things drive him nuts … like the whole obsession thing he was talking about. He’s obsessing over something else right now that he thinks might be the end of the world now but it’s not. He got his ass whooped tonight, whether that was it or it wasn’t, I don’t know. I wasn’t being harsh, it’s reality…. He probably should have bit his tongue, but he didn’t. And he knows that. Like he said, he just got his head punched in. He said he didn’t know what round it was, that the fight was over when it was over. He was hurt badly, hurt badly. How anyone can score that fight where they think he won … that kid is hurt. He’s hurt right now. His face is busted up, his head isn’t right. He got beat up tonight. I think everything is fine and go just like it always does.”

Only time will tell what that issue may be, in the meantime expect some news from the UFC about the 170-pound division.



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