Former Light-Heavyweight Champion Victor Valimaki returns to fight at MFC 39

November 21, 2013


Former Light-Heavyweight Champion Victor Valimaki returns to fight at MFC 39

The man who became the Maximum Fighting Championship’s second-ever title-holder is returning to where he career first blossomed.

Former MFC light-heavyweight champion Victor “The Matrix” Valimaki has signed a multi-fight agreement with the Maximum Fighting Championship, and will make his return to the ring at MFC 39: No Remorse in January 2014 live on AXS TV Fights.

It’s a monumental homecoming for Valimaki, who claimed the MFC’s 205-pound division title at MFC 10 in September 2005. Though his career took various twisting turns and he had his share of personal difficulties outside of the ring, Valimaki’s bridge to the MFC never burned, and there is still much left for him to accomplish under the MFC banner.

“I’m a sucker for a happy ending, and this could be truly one of the biggest happy endings in our history,” said MFC Owner/President Mark Pavelich.

“Victor has immense talent … more raw, natural talent than 95% of the fighters out there. He just needs to be focused, and everyone I’ve talked to is giving me glowing reports on what I could only call the ‘new’ Victor.

“Sometimes you have to go through hell to get to heaven. Victor has made that journey and now it’s time to reap the rewards.”

Valimaki (17-8) became one of the original MFC stars when he upset legendary veteran Dan “The Beast” Severn at MFC 8 in September 2005. After claiming the MFC title with a win over Jason Day one year later, Valimaki defended the belt in February 2007 with a startling, come-from-behind knockout win over Jared Kilkenny at MFC 11. But in August 2007 at MFC 13, Valimaki had the title snatched away from him in a TKO loss to Roger Hollett.

Now 31, Valimaki vows to be better than ever as he attempts to regain the crown he once wore so proudly.

“I left things undone. I’m back to where I began and I’m going to prove to everyone why I had that belt in the first place,” said Valimaki, who believes personal growth will be the biggest factor in his rejuvenation.

“I was a kid mentally speaking back then. I was too easily distracted. Now my head is where it needs to be and nothing is going to faze me.”

Valimaki basically took himself out of the winning ways he developed over his early time in the MFC with an assortment of issues outside of the ring which in turn affected his in-ring performance. Those that have known him the longest say he has righted his own ship and is much more prepared for the rigors of training camps and the bright lights of fight night. Valimaki is well aware that he has more detractors than believers at this point, but he is determined to show everyone that he can live up to his own abilities and the hype that was once associated with his name.

“In the back of mind I knew I was holding myself back because of my struggles,” he explained. “But now I feel better and clearer about what I want to do with my career. This is my time now. It’s come later than some people’s but I feel I’ve restarted my career.

“To the critics, I’d just say wait and see. You’ll see a big difference.”

Valimaki holds other notable victories over Vernon White, Lew Polley, and Noah Inhofer, and has also faced off against David Heath and Alessio Sakara.

Tickets for MFC 39: No Remorse are on sale now and available via the MFC Ticket Hotline at (780) 504-2024.



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