TriStar coach Firas Zahabi says Georges St. Pierre is doing much better

December 17, 2013


TriStar coach Firas Zahabi says Georges St. Pierre is doing much better

One of the most respected coaches in all of mixed martial arts says that Georges St-Pierre is doing very well after his announcement to hang up the gloves indefinitely.

Here are the firect quotes from this week’s MMA Hour:

“I think before the (Johny) Hendricks fight, he had mixed feelings,” said Zahabi.

“Before the (Carlos) Condit fight, he had mixed feelings. He went back-and-forth. But the problem is, I was always cutting him off, because I didn’t want to talk to him about it in camp.”

“The guy has been fighting for too long, missing too many birthdays, too many weddings, too many life experiences,” Zahabi continued. “He wants to balance his life out. If you were to spend a day with Georges, you’d be exhausted. There is so much going on it’s ridiculous. It’s crazy.”

“I’d love for him to come back,” confessed Zahabi. “If he finds something he’s really passionate about, if he finds something else, plays another sport, or whatever, he may get addicted to whatever and I could see him jumping into something. But he’s not going to be happy watching TV. He needs a lot of action. But he also needs some down time.”

“Georges is right now the happiest I’ve ever seen him. His mood is better. He’s sleeping better, he’s gaining weight, muscular weight, not fat.”

“The stress was making him weaker, miserable, he was suffering,” Zahabi concluded. “He didn’t have peace. He had too much stress in his life. Now we’re doing jiu jitsu and wrestling for fun.”



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