Ken Shamrock visits Toronto where he trained and answered questions from the fans

March 19, 2014


Ken Shamrock visits Toronto where he trained and answered questions from the fans

By: Chris Olech – The legend Ken Shamrock also known as “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” visited Ontario cities for a seminar tour and met the legend at Fear the Fighter Training Academy in Kitchener Ontario.

Ken showcased his catch wrestling skills to the participants with a breakdown of some of the leg locks that had worked throughout his illustrious career. Each bone breaking technique was closely worked on by each participant and Ken even showed a reverse toe hold technique he had never shown anyone before. inquired about any funny stories that Ken had from training or his fights and he recollected a PG story from when he was a coach on the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter show. There was a fighter that had excess hair all over his body, his chest, back and even legs. One morning he had to get up early to cook breakfast for the fighters and Ken believed but wasn’t certain that Jerry and his brother Frank Shamrock lit his hair on fire as a prank. Then they yelled at him to stop, drop and roll, Ken smiled reminiscing and stated “be safe when fire comes around.”

On a more serious note for someone starting a career in MMA he stated that the number one item to work on is focus. He stated that there is a lot of talent in the world, some individuals have all the talent in the world and go nowhere, get hurt or actually take advantage of it. The key was focus and once a goal has been marked then nothing should get in the way of it.

As for a quick round with the legendary fighter, Ken answered each question with the first thing that came to his mind.  His favourite city to fight in the world was Las Vegas, he did not look up to anyone, his favourite junk food while training was buttered popcorn, the heel hook was his favourite grappling technique, and the right hand was his favourite stand up technique, Godfather and Braveheart are his favourite movies. As for leisure and fun he hands down loves to play with his grandkids as he beamed a large smile.

As for closing remarks to his fans, he beamed “I just want to say I appreciate all the support throughout the years, and if we work together we can improve the fighter treatment, fighter pay I think. If we can do that then MMA will be around for a long time and if we don’t, man, I feel bad for the guys that are coming into that.”



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