‘Tapped Out’ movie premiere GTA tour coverage recap

April 25, 2014


‘Tapped Out’ movie premiere GTA tour coverage recap

By: Chris Olech – Tapped Out made its world premiere in London Ontario on Wednesday April 23rd and had a second premiere in Toronto on Thursday April 24th. The red carpet adorned the steps to the entrance, fans aligned the walkway with their phones ready, the lights seemed to glimmer a little brighter at the Silver City Cineplex theatre and the limo’s kept coming one by one producing some of Canada’s rising stars and even a Hollywood icon as Tinseltown came to London. Fans got to mingle and meet London’s own Cody Hackman who is a five time Karate champion who played the lead role, Krzysztof Soszynski who is a UFC veteran from Canada, Hollywood icon Martin Kove best known for portraying the character John Kreese in The Karate Kid movies along with principle actors Jess Brown, Nick Bateman and the director Allan Unger. Throughout the crowd familiar faces could be spotted such as London’s mayor, and fighters including LIUNA sponsored UFC fighter Chris Clements enjoying the premiere.

The movie resembles the classic Karate Kid film but with many twists and a lot of heart. Hackman’s character Michael Shaw is a troubled youth that finds his path back to his childhood sport, Karate. Mixed in is an incredible performance by the key villain, Krzysztof Soszynski who also played the anti hero in Here Comes the Boom. His acting was superb as he literally made the audience fear him, even though he is the nicest person you will meet in reality, and he delivered his lines naturally and instinctively like a veteran of the acting realm. He told this reporter that he really enjoyed the role and movie, having seen it for the first time he was not sure what to expect before the premiere.

London native Cody Hackman did a great job of portraying the troubled youth who trains Karate in order to seek revenge against the monster Dominick (Krzysztof Soszynski) in the MMA cage. Michael Biehn best known for his roles in The Terminator and Aliens, plays the sensei who displays some humour that adds to the overall atmosphere of the movie. In order to round out his skills as Michael Shaw (Cody Hackman) fights in mixed martial arts fights, he enlists the help of Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida, the best in the business. There is even a love story that blossoms into the mix.

Cody is an up and coming star that is definitely making his mark in show business and being a London Ontario native made him nervous having family and friends at the premiere of the movie, he was hoping for the best and he definitely delivered with his performance.

The movie hits theatres in May and has a little bit of everything for audience members. Having been filmed in London Ontario, there is a lot of local scenery to be found throughout the movie including the Adrenaline gym and local fighters that made the cut in the movie. Thumbs up for this locally produced martial arts movie that adds enough story building and fights to satisfy your entertainment needs.



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