Get to know Canadian Randa Markos who represents Canada on the upcoming all-female TUF 20 season airing Sept 10

August 27, 2014


Get to know Canadian Randa Markos who represents Canada on the upcoming all-female TUF 20 season airing Sept 10

The first all-female season of “The Ultimate Fighter” debuts Sept. 10 and airing on Sportsnet 360 starting at 10 pm EST.  The ladies will compete on TUF 20 and for the UFC’s inaugural women’s strawweight title.

The show, which features UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis and upcoming number-one title challenger Gilbert Melendez as head coaches, features a tournament to crowns its first champion. goes one on one with Windsor, Ontario’s Randa Markos right here in Toronto. Her visit to Toronto is in advance of the premiere of The Ultimate Fighter: A Champion Will Be Crowned. The top 16 115-pounders were gathered and Randa was the only Canadian among them.

Get to know Randa Markos below, and find out what this upcoming season is all about!

Q: is here with Windsor, Ontario’s Randa Markos.  Randa, you are going to be featured in the new Ultimate Fighter series which airs on Sept 10th.  This is a historic season, not only is it the first ever all female cast fighting for the vacant UFC Strawweight title, you are the only competitor representing Canada.  How much pressure is it to perform to the best of your abilities, and how does it feel to be part of this historic season?

A: I feel honored to be a part of tuf20 and to be representing Canada. I didn’t feel too much pressure on me going in as the only Canadian. I had only one focus going into the show and that was to bring the belt back home to Canada and hopefully my dedication and drive was a good way to represent Canada.

Q: Can you give the fans a reason as to why they should tune in to watch TUF 20 on Sept. 10th?

A: We, the 115lb girls division, are finally coming to the UFC and tuf20 is giving everyone a sneak peak at what we have to offer and by watching the show you will quickly realize why Dana White has made the decision to put us women in the UFC.

Q: Without giving away too much, what were some of the most memorable experiences on the show?

A: Walking into the gym for the first time was amazing to see. To think that so many amazing fighters were in that gym before me. I was in shock to think that I have finally fulfilled one of my   dreams.

Q: Who were some of the funniest and whackiest characters in the house and why?

A: I met a lot of really cool, funny people on the show and a lot that thought they were funny.  I’m not sure if I can go into detail but you will find out yourself when the show airs.

Q: We were present at one of your fights in London, Ontario earlier this year and were blown away to see you walk through your opponent so quickly! For the fans who are beginning to hear about you, what type of fighter are you when you step into the cage?

A: I like to say that I am a well-rounded fighter but I come from a wrestling background and I love competing in no gi. While training for fights and going into the cage I like to focus on what I can do. I never study my opponent or focus on my opponent.

Q: How do you think the UFC strawweight division stacks up against the already popular bantamweight division with of course Ronda Rousey being at the center of it?  Do you feel the strawweights will steal the show when they debut in the UFC?

A: I don’t think the bantamweights should have any concern about us, strawweights, stealing the show. I think Rousey has set the bar up pretty high and we will only add to it and together we will build women’s mma and show the world how badass we really are.

Q: You are yet another female representing Canada in the big show.  Others have come and gone.  How important is it to stay focused so that you can accomplish great things and be able to be part of the Canadian UFC history books in the future?

A: This is my dream. This is everything I worked hard for, sacrificed for, bled for and cried for. I am finally getting recognized for my hard work so staying focused means everything to me. I love the sport and making Canadian history would be an honor.

Q: You have a remarkable story behind you, you left Iraq during the Iraq – Iran war, were imprisoned, held at gunpoint…this is all serious stuff. It was when you met your husband Jeff that you started MMA… Explain how all of those past experiences and moving to Canada has helped you in your life and most importantly, your MMA career?

A: Going through all of those hard times has made me a stronger person mentally. With all the struggles and all the negative feedback and people around me I still managed to hold on to my dreams. I learned at a young age that if you want something to happen or change you have to make it happen. Whether it’s a title belt or a situation in your life that you wish was different, you can make it happen, just believe in yourself.

Q: Is there anybody else that you would like to credit for helping you in your MMA career?

A: I would like to thank my high school wrestling coaches from Windsor Wrestling Club, all my coaches from MTC especially Phil and Toan (my grappling coaches), Michigan Top Team, all the coaches and Jessica Eye from Strong Style, all my sponsors, all my sponsors, everyone who has ever believed in me and helped me train in my fighting career

Q: Thank you for your time, and we (like the many Canadians) can’t wait to watch you on TUF 20!

A: Thank you so much and I hope I did a good job representing Canada.



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