Coverage of Fedor Emelianenko’s MMA training seminar in Canada

August 4, 2014


Coverage of Fedor Emelianenko’s MMA training seminar in Canada

Chris Olech- One of the best fighter to have ever graced the cage thrilled Canadians in Calgary and Edmonton Alberta to signings, feasts and a seminar. But Fedor Emelianenko’s trip had more importance than just a typical tour, his main reason for his grand visit was as an ambassador for amateur MMA as the honorary president of the World Mixed Martial Arts Association. “My main reason for my trip is to promote the development of MMA and the joining with the World MMA Association. I am here to help select the best Canadian amateurs to attend Minsk (Belarus at the 2nd WMMAA World MMA Championship on September 11th, 2014).”

He was accompanied by his wife and friends as well as the pretty Ioulia Reynolds of Housewives of Vancouver who helped translate the ‘Last Emperor’s’ thoughts and projections throughout his tour.

It is an important mandate for Emelianenko to support the base and growth of MMA around the world which will flourish strong professional fighters. He stated that he actually enjoyed watching amateurs more than professional MMA bouts as the pro’s would calculate their moves while the amateurs left it all in the cage as they had something to prove. He will be looking for representatives from different countries while fulfilling his role.

He stated, “there is a huge desire to get MMA into the Olympic games, it is the number one growing sport in the world. In Russia it is also the fastest growing sport for those 18 and older and I strongly believe it will be added to the Olympics.” He did admit there is much work ahead of them but that they already have recognition as there are over 100 countries brought on board and the residual impact it produces is great while keeping kids off the streets by making them focus on the sport and giving them MMA as an outlet to put their aggression towards while getting many positive benefits out of it.

He was asked whether there would be a possibility of a comeback as he was in great shape and high spirits. “I keep a regimen to stay in shape, I had a rich and important career. But I promised my wife I am done competing and like to share my knowledge and analyze fights.” He did smile and add that he also needs to stay in shape to prove to the younger generation in the gym that he still has it.

The question also arose about what attributes Emelianenko likes about Cain Velasquez the current reigning UFC champion as he mentioned he liked watching him fight the most. He stated that he liked his never die attitude in the cage and the fact that he is so focused solely on the goal to win regardless what output it would entail. There was the impression that had Fedor ever decided to return to MMA, fans would be in for an epic match.

Participants packed Canuckles MMA in Calgary for an action packed seminar as Fedor showcased the skills that led him to so many titles. Following where the amateur MMA tryouts that gave practitioners a chance to showcase their skills while being evaluated by Fedor himself. He even showed the participants key areas that needed refining as he blasted Thai pads with thunderous kicks sending even a seasoned coach a few feet back.

As for reminiscing an action packed career with some of the best fights in history, he did admit that his personal favourite fight was with the talented Brazilian, Antonio Nogueira during his Pride Fighting days.

Fedor left the fans in Alberta with memories and techniques to cherish as the fighter left a strong and encouraging speech for fighters to always train and focus on the prize and not head out to the bars and do things that might be detrimental to their careers. So the questions arises, who do you think would win if Fedor ever decided to return to grace the cage, Cain Velasquez or Fedor Emlianenko?

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