Next MMA event in Grande Prairie, Alberta to feature first female fight

September 18, 2014


Next MMA event in Grande Prairie, Alberta to feature first female fight

Erica Fisher – For the first time, there will be a professional MMA fight between two women in the Alberta Peace.

Grande Prairie’s Jessica Maruszczak will be making her debut against Diana Atkin of Edmonton.

Although Atkin is 2-0, Maruszczak feels she has the home team advantage.

“It’s a lot of pressure, but I’m the home team, so I’ve got to win; I can’t let her take that away from me. I’m from here, so a lot of people are cheering me on and hoping that I’m going to kick her butt, so I’ve got to do that.”

Win or lose, the flyweight hopes her appearance will lead to more female fights in the region.

Promoter Darren Cliffe says he’s had difficulty putting a fight together in the past due to weight and experience differences.

“I didn’t want a female fight to be a joke; I wanted it to be a serious, competitive fight, so until I had something that matched up pretty close, I wasn’t going to do it. I wouldn’t pull the trigger on one just to put them in there and have them slap each other around a little bit; I want girls that can go in there and show everybody that they can fight.”

Xcessive Force Fighting Championship five is scheduled for October 24th at the ENTREC Centre.

Local products William Carriere and Spencer Jebb are also on the card, along with two title fights.

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