Product Review: Secretropin®, the logical first step in Growth Hormone therapy

September 21, 2014


Product Review: Secretropin®, the logical first step in Growth Hormone therapy

Fighters, coaches, fans and athletes LISTEN UP!  Have you been hearing a lot about the Human Growth Hormone (hGH) lately? It’s been hard to avoid hearing about its ability to reverse the aging process and restore the aging body. Study after study has detailed the rejuvenating effects of hGH on almost every system of the body.

Just what is the human growth hormone (hGH)? It is a substance naturally produced by your own pituitary gland. It is necessary for the healthy functioning and the rejuvenation of every cell and every system of the body.

Without it:

your immune system won’t function

your thymus gland shrinks

your skin wrinkles and thickens

your hair turns white

your eyes grow dim

you lose your memory

you gain weight and flab

you lose interest in sex

How is hGH responsible for all these functions? It appears that hGH jump-starts older cells. It pushes the cells so that they go into the repair and reproductive stage more quickly.

Unfortunately, our repair and reproductive cycle starts to slow down as we age. Growth hormone starts declining shortly after the average person reaches their 20s. It declines even more in the 30s and 40s and beyond. By the time the average person reaches age 60, the pituitary secretes only 25% of the growth hormone it did at age 20. This results in the shrinkage of major organs and the onset of all other symptoms related to old age.

There is now a new natural product available to Canadians to alleviate many of these symptoms. It’s called Secretropin®, Secretropin® is made of specific amino acids that are bound in a liposomal envelope protecting them from breaking down in the stomach, but easily absorbed in the intestines. They feed the pituitary the proper nutrients to increase hormone production, thus allowing the body to repair and balance the body’s cells faster. There is over a decade of research backing Secetropin and is now approved by Health Canada.
Even though Secretropin® is a food and not a pharmaceutical drug, it is prescription only, and recommended that you be under the care of a physician or health practitioner.

More information can be found at or contact Dr. George Traitses at 416 499 5656.


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