Provincial Fighting Championships 3 results and photos from London, Ontario

October 19, 2014


Provincial Fighting Championships 3 results and photos from London, Ontario

*Photos by Greg Bartnik*

Chris Olech – Provincial Fighting Championship took another big step forward with their third exciting event, this time at the biggest venue London Ontario had to offer in the Budweiser Gardens. The black tie affair was in conjunction with The Showdown in the Downtown to combat kidney disease and did not disappoint the fans with some stellar performances. Even UFC/WSOF fighters came to show their support in Elias Theodorou, Chris Clements, Chris Horodecki, Chad Laprise, Sam Stout, and Mark Hominick.

The main event pitted Jesse Ronson who was coming off of the UFC against a hardened Dom O’Grady. The first round showcased a striking clinic put forth by both fighters. Jesse hit Dom with a nice spinning back heel kick to the solar plex and then put Dom down to the mat with a nice palm strike. Jesse even put a grueling head crank on his opponent O’Grady who showed heart to persevere. With twelve seconds left in the round Jesse unleashed a massive onslaught of strikes on Dom while he was against the cage that nearly ended the fight.

The second round had Ronson smelling blood as he applied pressure on his opponent. Then with a beautifully timed long straight punch he connected to the face that sent Dom to the canvas, it only took a few seconds before the referee intervened to stop the fight in London Ontario’s Adrenaline product, Jesse Ronson’s favor. Jesse was ecstatic with his win and mentioned “Dana White, Joe Silva, the UFC lightweight division take notice I’m coming back! I wasn’t myself in the UFC but I got my edge back now.” He went on to thank his sponsors which included King Faisal, Fear The Fighter with Chad Elliot whom has always supported him and even mentioned his mom and dad where in the audience in London Ontario.

The co-main event included Liuna sponsored fighter Jesse Gross fighting out of Adrenaline Training Centre against Justin Jaynes fighting out of Extreme Couture’s in Las Vegas Nevada. This was a trilogy match with each fighter winning one previous encounter. The grudge match started off with both men gauging their distance when Jusin took Jesse down and worked the top game for most of the round.

Round two involved some great exchanges and Justin utilized his strategy to go for the take downs but Jesse made it difficult with his wrestling defense. With perseverance Justin would land on top grinding. Jessie showcased his experience and got on top of a turtled Justin and delivered some of the most vicious liver and head shots but the round ended.

The third and final round displayed mutual respect and good sportsmanship as both fighters embraced to start the round. After some exchanges Justin took Jesse down again. Justin took Jesse’s back and was looking for the rear naked choke but Jesse reversed and got on top. Jesse tried for a fancy Peruvian neck tie and almost sunk it in. The bout would go to the fate of the judges to conclude this hard fought trilogy. Jesse Gross won by split decision and quickly stated “If you ask me, I’ll go back to the States to fight Justin again!” He also thanked his sponsors which included Fear the Fighter and Liuna (Labourers International Union of North America) and stated “Liuna not only do they sponsor me but they got me a job now to bring home the big bucks!” Could the UFC be knocking on Jesse’s door in the near future to offer him a job as well? Time will tell as he gets better with each entrance to the cage.

The other fights included:

Randy Turner defeats Malcolm Gordon by TKO (punches) R2
Kyle Prepolec defeats Damion Hill by submission (RNC) R2
Joey Holt defeats Adam Assenza by submission (standing guillotine) R1
Blake Nash defeats Bryan Jordan by TKO (injury) R2
Neelan Hordatt submits Dave Hale by submission (RNC) R1
Josh Rich defeats James Mancini by submission (RNC) 1:17 R2.
Chris Lee Byrne submits Rafael Palomeque by submission (heel hook) R3
Xavier Nash defeats Paul Jalbert by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

mmacanada awards:
Comeback of the night- Chris Lee Byrne
Submission of the night- Josh Rich
KO of the night- Jesse Ronson
Fight of the Night- Kyle Prepolec vs Damion Hill


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