Sabah Fadai is calling any and all fighters in Canada to step up and fight him

November 6, 2014


Sabah Fadai is calling any and all fighters in Canada to step up and fight him

B.C.’s Sabah Fadai is currently sending out a message to any fighter in Canada who wants to step up to the plate and fight him.

The Canadian up and coming fighter recently spoke to us at about his growing frustrations with not being able to fight due to a “lack of opponents” who are unwilling to step into the cage with him.

“I don’t think they are scared of me, if they are then wow they are in the wrong business. I feel that people are just fighting bums to pad up their records to get to the UFC. Everyone wants to get to the bigger shows taking the easy rout. They don’t realize that once they get there they’re going to get screwed cuz they aint ready. They get 10 minutes of fame and glory, they get to pick up some girls at their local bars cuz they was on TV. I’m NOT here for that. I’ve got a title, I’ve been on tv and I’ve had my youth. I’m not here for 10 minutes of fame. I’m not here for the girls and glory. I have a lady in my life. and I’m not in it for 10 minutes of fame”. says Fadai to

Can someone help the guy out? All he wants is a fight! His passion for success is burning like a wild flame, but without an opponent, he is left in the dark.

“I’m here to go in the history books and if these fighters believe that I suck, well please please come and show me, teach me a lesson, and make me realize that I don’t deserve to be in the big shows. I would love that. I would love it because I will know that I’m still not ready. I strongly believe that I belong in the big shows and I can beat anyone put in front of me”.

Fadai has gone to social media, talked to promoters and has taken it into his own hands to become a voice for his frustrations.

“I’ve talked to every promotor. I took it in my own hands and became vocal about my frustrations. Shortly I got offers and even a reply from Jesse Gross that he would fight me and I love that. So right now XFFC and Hard Knocks are both interested in this fight. I want a fight before the end of this year cuz fighting once a year is just not acceptable for me. I need to fight. I have tons of fire burning and I need a channel to burn it through”.

Fadai makes it simple and clear to anyone who is reading this that is thinking of calling him out.

“So if I have to sound cocky and arrogant (which I’m not and you can ask anyone that knows me) to get a fight then so be it. so I have a message and its simple: COME TEACH ME A LESSON YOU LITTLE B*TCH”.



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