Breaking News: UFC signs former WWE star CM Punk

December 7, 2014


Breaking News: UFC signs former WWE star CM Punk

It is damn official!  The Ultimate Fighting Championship officially announced the signing of former WWE star Phil “CM Punk” Brooks.

We have nothing else to say, so hear it from the man himself:

“My professional wrestling days are over. It’s awesome to be here. This is something that has been in the back of my mind for a very, very long time. I have a background in Kenpo, I’ve done Brazilian jiu-jitsu off and on for a very long time. But, the idea of being able to step inside the Octagon and find out what’s inside myself, test myself, is an opportunity that I was not able to deny myself. I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself if I didn’t give this a shot. I felt like it was “now or never” three years ago, but I re-signed with WWE, and I tried to give it the old college try. But, it’s now or never for me. I have a limited window just like all fighters do and I’m ready for a fight. I’m here for a fight. I’m here to kick someone’s ass or get my ass kicked. This is my new career 100 percent. I’m going to go full steam ahead, all systems go, after today. It’s going to be fun. I have nothing but respect for everyone here in the UFC — everybody who steps inside the Octagon to fight. And when it’s all said and done, when I’m finished, everyone will have to respect me because I came here to fight.”


Video below:



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