UFC Exclusive: Jon Jones “Its hard to even think about” September 2012 fight vs Gustafson

December 18, 2014


UFC Exclusive: Jon Jones “Its hard to even think about” September 2012 fight vs Gustafson

The moment Jon Jones became a professional mixed martial artist in the spring of 2008, it was obvious he would be extremely difficult to defeat. In the years that followed Jones barely lost a single round, even when facing world championship level opposition. That changed on September 21, 2013, when “Bones” faced Alexander Gustafson.


In this month’s Fightography on UFCFIGHTPASS.com, “Bones” admits for the first time that he took the 6ft 5inch Swede lightly and this lack of respect almost cost him the UFC title. Looking back on one of the greatest fights of all time, Jones said it was a “privilege” to prove that even when bloodied, battered and stripped of his remarkable gifts due to exhaustion, his key attribute remained… the heart of a champion.


Jones said: “I really didn’t take the fight as seriously as I should. Some people have made the excuse for me with my toe injury (which occurred vs Chael Sonnen in previous fight) but I can’t make excuses. It wasn’t the toe injury, it was me. I just didn’t feel any sense of urgency about the fight. I felt I couldn’t lose to him, that I would just kick his butt.


“But did he ever have a plan for me, and I will now wear a scar over my eye for the rest of my life because of that. And I went through a war that is sometimes hard to even think about.


“I had to dig deeper than I knew I could ever do. Just to go to that place was such a privilege, something I will cherish forever. There were so many moves I wanted to make, so many different techniques I could see, but after the second round I was just too beat, too tired to do them. I had to just fight him. I truly got to earn the right to call myself one of the best in the world. I proved to myself that I am not just talented, or lucky or blessed or whatever, no, I have the heart and desire to be a champion.”



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