Introducing the all new ACE Fighting Championships to Canada

January 24, 2015


Introducing the all new ACE Fighting Championships to Canada would like to formally announce the newest Mixed Martial Arts promotion to Canada. Welcome ACE Fighting Championships!

The sport of MMA continues to grow, and with more and more MMA competitors looking for work, we can safely say that ACE Fighting will provide what they are looking for.

ACE Fighting will start as a sole Amateur league to help promote and groom the athletes of the future. had a chance to catch up with the men who will help change the face of MMA right here in beautiful Canada!
MMACanada: Hey guys! Talk about ACE fights being the newest MMA promotion in Canada, more specifically Ontario and what this league will bring to the table?

ACE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS is Canada’s newest and Ontario’s Premier Amateur MMA events. ACE stands for ” Ares Combate Extrema ( God of War extreme Combat ). We put this organization together to bring exposure to Amateur MMA in Ontario and Canada. We are putting together a very professional experience for Amateurs in order for them to have the same experience as if they were fighting professional mixed martial arts. We are working closely with the CCA ( Canadian Combat Alliance ) for sanctioning and strict and safe regulations that will ensure our events are conducted in a safe and regulated manner. With our events we bring the highest of professionalism and prestige to the Amateur Mixed Martial arts in Canada and Ontario. As well, we will be using an Amateur series of events as feeders for our soon to come Pro MMA events in Canada. This will ensure that all our athletes have received the adequate experience in order to be fully prepare in a safe environment for their professional Career. We look forward to providing the highest quality and standard for Mixed Martial Arts in Canada. Be ready for BIG BIG things with an ACE in your pocket!!!!

MMACanada: What are your plans for 2015 and what you wish to accomplish? Can we see PRO bouts also?

In 2015 we have already booked 5 event dates throughout the year for our Amateur events. This will set the stage for our Professional MMA event debut in 2016. This will give us a very strong platform and feeder of Amateur athletes for our Pro circuit.

MMACanada: Amazing, Pro bouts in 2016! Thats what we need! What is ACE fights going to do differently than any other MMA promotion has done here in Ontario?

ACE fights will be conducted like a professional organization by holding our events in established venues with professional marketing and sponsorship for each event and the amateur fighters as well. We are working closely with many highly respected sponsors and venue owners in order for our events to have the highest quality of the Mixed Martial Arts entertainment. We are also working closely with the CCA to take the next step in Ontario and Unifying our rule set with other provinces across Canada and standardizing these parameters.

MMACanada: What can fighters expect when they sign with ACE Fights, any special perks?

Fighters that sign with ACE fighting Championships will get a professional experience, parallel to that of a Professional MMA event, with live stream day before weigh ins, Supplement sponsorship packages for each fighter upon signing with ACE, a guarantee of more fights with ACE, fighters will receive huge exposure through many different medians that ACE is affiliated with, Radio, TV, Online, Social Media and other means of marketing. There will be at minimum 5 title fights per event with all Amateur ACE events, as well as a direct bypass into any of ACE’s Pro mixed martial arts events.

MMACanada: Talk about the men behind the scenes, your backgrounds and how this all started about

The  Board of Director for ACE is as follows; President, Ivan Whittaker. A business owner and entrepreneur with years of experience in business and negotiations, as well as a strong link in the business community. Vice-President, Dave Matos. Dave is an entrepreneur as well, with many successful businesses and years of experience in multi-faceted fields. With many years in the Fitness and Supplement field, Dave offers extensive experience and huge ties to the fitness and athletic businesses within North America. Fight Co-Ordinator and Director, Jesse Richardson. Jesse has extensive experience in the Martial Arts with a strong business qualities. Jesse works closely with many organizations for the promotion and exposure of mixed martial arts with North America. He has many ties across the world with highly recognized figures within the martial arts community. He brings his knowledge, expertise and passion for the spread of mixed martial arts in Canada and the world. Lisa Bellone is the Web Designer, Social Media and marketing director. Lisa is an entrepreneur and has many years of web design and marketing experience that a makes her very successful in the multiply businesses that she controls. With a passion and drive for perfection and success, she enhances our team and brings structure and organization to keep everything running smoothly and keeping one step ahead of the trend.



For those looking to compete or contact ACE Fighting, please visit their website here.



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