Report: Jon Jones police report on hit-and-run accident

April 27, 2015


Report: Jon Jones police report on hit-and-run accident has obtained the Albuquerque Police Department report (From online internet sources) regarding the hit-and-run accident that involved current UFC champ Jon Jones, who fled the scene of an accident.  The report also confirmed that marijuana was found inside the car on Sunday Morning.

The multi car crash involved a pregnant woman who was fortunately not injured.  Officer Sullivan who was off duty at the time, informed Officer Benavidez he witnessed “Jon Jones the MMA figher exiting the vehicle and running up a dirt hill.”

Earlier today,  the Albuquerque police department will process a warrant for Jon Jones and upgraded his original hit-and-run charge from misdemeanor to felony, after it was revealed a pregnant victim of his alleged involvement was left with a broken arm.

Here is an excerpt of the report.


On 04/26/2015, OFC. J. Brionez and I were dispatched to a hit and run traffic accident, at the intersection of Juan Tabo and Southern. Caller stated the driver of a silver SUV ran from the accident. OFC. Brionez and I arrived, with rescue arriving on scene shortly thereafter. The driver of both vehicles refused rescue. The driver of the Honda stated her husband will take her. Driver one stated she was heading East in lane 2, and was crossing through Juan Tabo on a green light, when driver 3 ran the light hitting her on the driver side. Driver 2 stated he was waiting at a red light facing North of Juan Tabo and Southern. Driver 2 stated when driver 1 was crossing on a green light, driver 3 turned into her from the southbound turn lane of Southern hitting her driver side. Witnesses and drivers from both vehicles stated driver of vehicle 3 got out and left running. Witnesses stated the driver of vehicle 3, exited after hitting the Honda and was identified as a black male, wearing a white button up shirt with dark pants, and ran onto a hill just east of the accident. Witnesses stated he slouched over and ran back to the vehicle grabbing a large handful of cash. Witnesses stated he shoved the cash into his pants and ran north jumping the fence in Terracita. I sent officers to attempt to locate the driver of vehicle 3. The officers who attempted to look for him were unsuccessful. Driver 1 was taken to Kaseman hospital due to being pregnant an feeling like she was going to pass out. OFC. Brionez and I conducted a search incident to tow on the Buick. OFC. Brionez found a marijuana pipe, with marijuana inside it and tagged it into the evidence. I located paperwork belonging to a Jonathan Jones, which had MMA information on it from the state of Nevada. I was able to locate a phone number for Jon Jones and placed several phone calls with no success. I left a message for Jon Jones to call dispatch, but never received one. The paperwork will be tagged into evidence. There was also Enterprise Rent-A-Car paperwork inside the vehicle, for the location of Lomas and Easterday. I made contact with an unidentified employee, who stated they were closed and not open until Monday. I was contacted by OFC . J. Sullivan, who informed me he was driving east on Southern and seen the accident, off duty. OFC. Sullivan stated he witnessed Jonathan Jones the MMA fighter exit the silver Buick and run up a dirt hill just east. OFC. Sullivan stated Jon Jones was wearing a white nice Polo shirt, with dark slacks or jeans. OFC. Sullivan stated he watched Jon Jones run back the Buick and lost sight of him at that point.



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