Get your tickets for UTC – Ultimate Theatre Championship 2015, a comedy MMA event in Toronto April 9-11

April 2, 2015


Get your tickets for UTC – Ultimate Theatre Championship 2015, a comedy MMA event in Toronto April 9-11

The Gladiators of Canadian theatre meet face to face in the Ultimate Theatre Championship to determine this country’s greatest welterweight, middleweight and heavyweight actors! Bare-knuckle monologues, grudge-match scene work and nail-biting stage combat will keep you on the edge of your seat! Choose your champion, place your bets and come early to get a ringside seat! Two actors enter the cage, but only one will exeunt – the UTC will ignite your Theatrical bloodlust!

The event: A fundraiser for a downtown Toronto theatre, Theatre Passe Muraille…which, in theatre circles, is known to be the “home” of Canadian theatre……but, who cares about Canadian theatre at the end of the day?

Rebecca Northan, representative of the show says: I think there’s a perception that a lot of theatre is boring, or about heavy, dramatic topics…I wanted to find a way to make it f*cking hilarious, thrilling, and competitive. Actors are, by nature, viciously competitive, but they try to hide it….I wanted to see all of that fierceness on the table. The idea of actors climbing into a cage together to “out act” each other is also totally ridiculous. MMA fans will get the competition they love, coupled with total comedy – what could be better?

My boyfriend got me into watching the UFC. I am now a huge Anderson Silva fan. Not only is that guy an amazing fighter, but I also have a real appreciation for his mental game. When I saw him break his leg in that fight with Chris Weidman….I thought, “My GOD! I would LOVE to see something that dramatic in the theatre!”, I was on the edge of my seat ….that’s when I got the idea to combine my love of theatre, with athleticism and spectacle of the UFC.

In MMA you have to be multi-talented. You have to be skilled at wrestling, stand-up, & jiu jistsu. You have to be focused, 100% present and ready to react. It’s the same with actors – you have to be multi-talented. You have speak well, sing, play an instrument, dance, wield a sword. You have to be focussed, 100% present and ready to react.

My personal, more subversive reason for wanting MMA fans to come to this event is to show these actors what a REAL crowd is like. Typical theatre audiences are notoriously quiet. I will feel we’ve succeeded if an MMA audience shows up, screams their heads off, and scares the crap out of our actors.

MMA fans should get in on the ground floor. It’s their opportunity to help shape a new form of entertainment.

There will be famous Canadian actors going head to head with each other. That means you’ll have no idea who they are, but they’ll look really familiar to you.

The event takes place inside Theatre Passe Muraille 16 Ryerson Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2P3.

Event Dates:

April 9 – Welter Weight Division – $20 tickets!  

Katherine CULLEN V.S. Rose NAPOLI
Christy BRUCE V.S. Qasim KHAN

April 10 – Middle Weight Division – $20 tickets!

Leah-Simone BOWEN V.S. Craig LAUZON
Kristen THOMSON V.S. Matthew EDISON

April 11 – Heavy Weight Division – Special Gala Performance


Tickets for the Gala on the 11th are $100 (charitable tax receipt of $70)

Admission includes:

-Two complimentary beverages
-Gourmet food, exhibition style
-Special guest judge appearances and plenty of surprises throughout

Patron Warnings: Some Strong Language, recommended for ages 13+
Running Time: 120 minutes with lots of breaks
Shows Run: April 9th, 10th & 11th at 8pm (doors open at 7pm)
For more information take a look out our website or give our box office a call at: 416-504-7529.



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