Update: Jon Jones could face up to three years in jail for hit and run

May 1, 2015


Update: Jon Jones could face up to three years in jail for hit and run

Jon Jones may be looking at serving some hard time for his hit-and-run felony that took place earlier this week which involved a pregnant woman.

Dave Becker, legal analyst for FOX Sports appeared on “UFC Tonight” earlier this week to give his take on what transpired in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“Well really, the next step is up to the prosecution. They have to decide whether to go in front of the grand jury and try to get the indictment. But given that it seems clear what this guy did and that there are so many witnesses to it, I think it’s inevitable there will be an indictment. So that’s why I think behind the scenes, what could be happening is his lawyers are trying to get a plea bargain from the prosecutors.”

When asked about a possible jail time sentence duration:

“I think he’ll get three years. Now, the judge could knock it down to two due to mitigating circumstances. But, in order for that to happen, he is going to have to show that when he left the scene of the crime, he didn’t think there was any reason why there would be a serious injury. Considering he knocked a victim’s car into another car, that’s going to be pretty difficult to do.”

Even if his legal team succeeds in their plea bargain, Jones could still serve a year and a half in jail.

“I would suggest that he try to get a plea bargain for as few years as possible. Maybe a year, year and a half. And I would try to get him to stress whatever reasons he has for trying to say ‘Hey I left the scene because I just didn’t think there was a big deal here’.”

Jon Jones was stripped of the UFC title this past week.  A vacant title will be put in place as Anthony Johnson squares off against Daniel Cormier.



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