Giving MMA a good kick: MMA Federation to hit mobile on January 14th

January 5, 2016


Giving MMA a good kick: MMA Federation to hit mobile on January 14th

Manchester, United Kingdom — Dec. 2015h — 360 Studios new MMA game is shaking up, the mobile and MMA world with MMA Federation, the ‘best t urn based MMA Game ever’. With high 4+ Google ratings and becoming the #1 fighting game (sports, iOS, Nov.16th) in Canada. Set to launch globally in the English speaking world, January 14th, 2016, we in Canada are lucky enough to get a sneak peak and ‘early access’ is available now on both Apple and Google store.

One of the advantages of MMA Federation over other mobile MMA games has been its ability to reach out to the rest of the global MMA family, for that authentic look. Its in-game store is packed with branded sportswear and equipment used by professional fighters, including Hayabusa, Bad Boy, JACO and Revgear. MMA Federation isn’t just another accomplished fighting game, but designed to bring together and represent the entire MMA worldwide community. And look for in game rewards and real prizes from top Canadian MMA promoters, including Hard Knocks Fighting and Elite 1 MMA.

MMA Federation – is a PvP game at heart, with players able to call on moves from five unique fighting styles as they fight friends and rivals from around the globe to propel up to eight different fighters to the top of global rankings. In Career mode, you challenge globally recognized fighters form many of the world’s top promoters for an authentic feel.

Despite this fresh approach, however, MMA Federation has some serious MMA and game experience behind it, with studio head Rick Giolito having previously made his name working as Creator and executive producer on flagship EA games like KnockOut Kings™ and Medal of Honor™.

“We wanted to create a truly authentic MMA game where players take complete control of their fighter – their look, fighting style and gameplay strategy,” offered Giolito. “We worked with top MMA teams and promotional organizations across the globe to create an immersive MMA world packed with real gyms, stunning arenas, famous fighters and MMA legends.”

Part of this approach is allowing live, player vs player contests against friends, or via global leaderboards, in real time, without lag. Players join & train their fighters in real MMA team gyms like Tristar, American Top Team, SBG and ELITE MMA, making use of the moves they’ve picked up in training with world famous fighters such as Michael ‘Venom’ Page and King Mo and coaches like Bas Rutten (ELITE MMA), Firas Zahabi (Tristar) and John Kavanagh (SBG). Gamers will be able to both merge and master a multitude of different fighting styles – from Muay Thai, Boxing, and Kickboxing, to Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling – to create their own unique technique.

“It doesn’t end here, either,” Giolito continued. “We’re also working on new features for next year including a groundbreaking rewards system that’ll give MMA Federation™ players a chance to win real gear, tickets and memorabilia from the top MMA brands, teams & fighters. This is all about breaking away from the standard, and now quite tired, model most sports-based games seem to fall back on, offering up essentially the same game year after year. We want to set the benchmark for a more creative approach to the art of bringing real life sports to the hands, and fingers, of MMA fans and gamers.”

Tapping into authentic promote events and global tournaments, the world MMA Federation sits in is designed to feel instantly familiar to any MMA though the card-based battle system means play will also appeal to more casual players looking to take their first steps into the MMA arena.

Watch the trailer here:

MMA Federation™ is made for both mobile and tablet and is available now for download on Google Play™ and Apple App Store℠ in Canada and from January 14th in the USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland

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360 Studios Ltd is an independent game developer based in Manchester and Los Angeles. The studio was founded by games and tech industry veterans Rick Giolito (Executive Producer of EA’s Medal of Honor™ and Knockout Kings™) and Sean Salloux. The company formed with a mission to create an immersive social mobile game set in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. For more information, please visit



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