Georges St-Pierre: Four-fight UFC deal is ‘good money’ — but still below what we really wanted

March 7, 2017


Georges St-Pierre: Four-fight UFC deal is ‘good money’ — but still below what we really wanted

Canadian superstar standout Georges St-Pierre and the UFC came to terms on an agreement that will see the former welterweight champ return to the Octagon later this year, to fight middleweight champ Michael Bisping.

GSp’s camp admits that after back and forth negotiations, he didnt get the exact deal he wanted, but is ultimately happy that both could find a middle ground.

“To tell you the truth, it’s not exactly what we really wanted, it is still a little bit below what we really wanted in the beginning,” St-Pierre said on a recent edition of The MMA Hour. “But for UFC, it’s more than they were willing to give me, is what they said. So we both are unhappy in a way, which is the middle ground line, so I guess it’s a good thing. It’s like a settlement in court. If both parties are unhappy, I guess it’s a good thing,” said Georges with a laugh.

“That’s how it is. Also, the love for the sport, I wanted to be back, the emotional side of it made me accept the deal. I don’t regret it, I am happy,” confirmed Georges. “But if you ask me if it’s what we originally wanted, no, it’s not, it is a little bit below. But it is still very good money, very close. We both made concessions on each part, not just one one side, but both sides and that’s why the deal was done.”

Furthermore, the ex ruler at 170 pounds revealed that he only signed a four-fight deal with the WME-IMG-owned promotion and explained how the title fight against Bisping came about.

“It was only for a four-fight contract. The idea of Bisping came before, first I was texting with Tyron Woodley and Woodley made it public. He text me if I was interested in fighting him and I said, ‘Yes.’ He said let’s do it, and I said let’s do it but need to make sure my contract was, because I don’t have a contract right now,” revealed St-Pierre.

And while he and “The Count” didn’t exactly start off on the best of terms during their recent press conference (see it), Georges explains why he is inspired by the brash Brit, calling him the toughest fight of his career.

“Bisping surprised everybody, the way he won the title he show a lot of courage. He stepped up on a short notice fight, knock out Luke Rockhold and, the way it was made, it was very inspirational to me,” he added. “Bisping has been very outspoken against performance-enhancing drugs like I am. Most of his losses come from guys who took performance enhancing drugs.”

“He is very inspiring because he is a very hard worker. He is not he kind of fighter that only relies on his natural gifts and talent. Those fighters crack and don’t come back the same,” added St-Pierre. “Michael has been dropped down before many times and came back stronger every time. These fighters are the worst nightmares of fighters you can fight. As much as it is inspiring to fight him and he’s going to make a lot of money and Michael deserves it, and I deserve it, I think it’s the most dangerous fight I have ever taken in my entire career.”



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