Mayweather Vs. McGregor- It’s Happening and the Pricey Tickets and Bets are Off

July 18, 2017


Mayweather Vs. McGregor- It’s Happening and the Pricey Tickets and Bets are Off

Time to move on from the ‘murky’ Pacquiao-Horn fight, and into a bout that’s sure to generate more intensity, money and even questions- the Mayweather vs McGregor fight. Yes, you have read it right. The well-experienced boxer with a record of 49-0 will get on the ring with someone with almost-zero professional boxing experience. This bout is sure to generate electricity and attention both online and in newspapers, thanks primarily to the unique fighters that will be pitted on the ring. Before this fight has been arranged, Mayweather has already established itself in the business, and a fighter to reckon with. He’s considered as one of the best defensive boxers out there, and is known as a quick mover in the right, and can easily protect himself and punish the other boxers. Just ask Pacquiao, who was floored and defeated by Mayweather during their sell-out and profitable fight. If he manages to win this bout, he will move past Rocky Marciano, who retired from the boxing business with a clean slate of 49-0. McGregor is no stranger to the ‘fight scene’ – he is currently the lightweight champion and also a former featherweight champion of UFC. He’s known for skills and bravado as well, which will be a perfect to the fighting style and attitude of Mayweather.


When and Where to Expect the Fight of the Year?


In the last few days, the internet has been buzzing with anticipation, discussing the proposed venues and schedule for the fight. Now, everything is clear, as a date has been confirmed, and the venue has been set. It has been confirmed that the fight will happen on August 26, Saturday. No specific time-slot has been announced, but sports enthusiasts and bettors are expecting a late night even, or early start for enthusiasts based in the United Kingdom. The bout will be hosted at the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The venue has played host to a number of fights in the past, including one that involved McGregor when he managed to outclass Diaz on points.


With the date and venue assured, the chatter is now focused on the ticket prices, and even the cost of pay-per-view. According to recent reports, the pay-per-view event will be run by Showtime Sports, and the cost has not been confirmed. But insiders are expecting that it will be in line with the cost of pay-per-view during the Mayweather- Pacquiao fight, at $99.95. During this time, the fight generated more than 4 million subscriptions, and this number will be exceeded this year, thanks to the frenzy surrounding the fight. And speaking of ticket prices, the prices are expected to overwhelm and surprise a number of observers and watchers. According to Leonard Ellerbe from the Mayweather Promotions, ticket prices will start from $500 and can top $10,000. Although the organizers will offer $500 tickets, these tickets will be made available in limited number so patrons will have to pay more to get a seat here.


Is This a Great Time to Bet on the Bout?


For those looking for betting opportunities, this scheduled fight between Mayweather and McGregor will be a great opportunity. Yes, the bout is exciting and should be profitable, but before you place your bet, make sure you check out Mayweather Vs. McGregor betting tips and other insider tips. These are readily available online, and sports betting websites are now competing for the attention of bettors and enthusiasts. Before you place your bet, you should also know that the rules of the fight will favor Mayweather, thus it can affect your wagers and potential winnings. Since they both came from different ‘sports’, the organizers decided to adopt boxing rules, which means that McGregor will have a hard time adjusting to the fight. Also, another challenge for McGregor is the decision of the organizing committee to use the 10-ounce boxing gloves instead of the lighter and smaller gloves that are used in UFC. Also, since the boxing rules are in place, McGregor cannot use the leg kicks, which are acceptable in UFC.


With these details about the fight, the odds are certainly not in favor of McGregor, and sports bettors should be aware of this. Immediately after the announcement of the fight, William Hill projected Mayweather to end up the winner, as a 1/11 favorite. Another independent odds-maker has suggested that the odds will be more lopsided, if not for the small wagers that will come from the followers of UFC fights and the fans of McGregor. The odds-maker has placed an odd of 1/100, clearly indicating the fact that Mayweather will end up the winner, and will race past Rocky Marciano in the record books. But whatever the result, surely it will be an explosive fight for the ages that every enthusiast should watch out for!



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