Prop bets for the Mayweather-McGregor bout reinforce key trends before the fight

August 3, 2017


Prop bets for the Mayweather-McGregor bout reinforce key trends before the fight

In 2016, boxing fans and industry experts didn’t believe Floyd Mayweather would bother to lay hands on Conor McGregor, regardless of the stream of social media invective pouring from the MMA star’s social media accounts.


Fast forward to June 2017, when an extensive contract – one that included a rider for kicking – was finally worked out between the two camps. As the most hyped fight in boxing history rapidly approaches, the hysteria has been fueled by the travelling press conference circus, which spawned its own set of prop bets.


The best sports betting sites are offering boxing aficionados a wide variety of prop bets due to the unrivaled interest. Most believe Floyd will enjoy a cakewalk, but McGregor fans know that Mayweather will need to keep his guard up to fulfill his prophecy as one of the greatest defensive boxers in history.

Fight Rounds Over/Under Seven


Over 7 -140 :: Under 7 EVEN


The overwhelming anticipation for this event spurred sportsbooks to increase the number of available betting props. This includes over/under betting on the number of rounds that will transpire before the victor’s declared.


When you look at the odds offered for this type of round betting, you’ll notice that sportsbooks list under seven rounds at 50/50. Comparing both men’s careers reveals that Mayweather has plenty of experience in extended boxing contests, while Conor’s longest UFC fight lasted five rounds.


Will Conor run out of gas in the sixth? McGregor’s in superb shape, perhaps the best of his fighting career, which might allow him to hang in longer than expected. Mayweather hasn’t scored a knockout since he stopped Victor Ortiz in 2011, winning seven consecutive decisions. Nonetheless, an under on seven rounds remains decent value, partly because Mayweather probably wants to end his career with a film-friendly KO.

McGregor Knocks Out Floyd Inside Four Rounds


Yes +700 :: No -1500


McGregor’s assertion that he will finish Mayweather before the end of the fourth round has created a meteoric media stir. This is the equivalent of Babe Ruth pointing to center field before swatting his called shot, except Conor isn’t one of the greatest in this field, and The Sultan of Swat was the GOAT.


Floyd Mayweather has been knocked down once in his pro career, more due to a hand injury than a thunderous blow. The other time hit the canvas was against Zab Judah, who tagged Floyd with a swift right that unbalanced Mayweather. But even that was ruled a slip.


There’s no doubt that Conor has pop, the ability to switch from southpaw to conventional, and a two-inch reach advantage. However, Floyd has never been knocked out, and has barely hit the canvas during his illustrious career, a trend which should continue.

Will The Fight Go The Distance?


Yes +160 :: No -230


Perhaps the most interesting prop bet is whether the fight will go the distance. During the ramp up to the event, ‘yes’ remains a strong underdog, even if odds have recently trended towards McGregor.


Conor’s best chance to score a knockout will be during the first few rounds of the fight, before Mayweather has an opportunity to adjust to McGregor’s style. The longer the fight goes, the greater Floyd’s advantage.


Yes, McGregor has a chance, but it’s difficult to believe that he’ll be able to defend himself well if the fight lasts twice as long as the lengthiest battles of his MMA career. Mayweather has additional motivation along with the necessary skills and experience to stop Conor. But will Mayweather stop Conor before the final bell? He should do, but this prop offers bettors backing yes with their best chance of a consolation win.



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