Supplement Spotlight: Brixx Brothers launches new pre-workout line to the masses!

February 18, 2018


Supplement Spotlight: Brixx Brothers launches new pre-workout line to the masses!

Big G and Jizzymack have been blessed and honored to work for and be associated with the “Highest Paid Athlete” in the world that being “Mr. Floyd Money Mayweather”. A true testimony of our discipline and fortitude to be the best, desire the best and associate ourselves with the best. Floyd is not only our boss but a friend whose drive is unequaled on planet earth. Champ’s training has inspired millions of professional and amateur athletes in the world and we want to inspire “YOU” to BUILD, SCULP and PROTECT YOUR HUMAN TEMPLE. God Bless You All!

Big G “Greg La Rosa” and Jizzymack Ray Sadeghi decided to create their own unique supplement line and introduce it to the world.  The pair, who’s lives revolve around being in the gym and staying in the best shape of their lives, decided to take matters into their own hands and formulate a pre-workout substance that would change the landscape of the supplement world.

Many high profile athletes and celebrities use their product and have benefited from it.  So, what is the Brixx Brothers “Intensity?”  We break it down for you below:

Beta Alanine – Most are familiar with what it feels like. but what is it and what does it actually do?
It has been shown to raise muscle carnosine levels and to increase the amount of work you can perform at high intensities.

Beta-alanine or 3-amino propionic acid is a naturally-occurring beta-amino acid and a component of the histidine dipeptides carnosine and anserine, as well as vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid. Structurally, beta- alanine is a hybrid between the potent neurotransmitters L-glycine and GABA, which may explain why consumers often claim to experience a caffeine-like response from it.

Beta-alanine is even classified as a neurotransmitter. When consumed as a dietary supplement, beta-alanine passes from the bloodstream into skeletal muscle via a beta-alanine and taurine transporter that’s dependent upon both sodium and chloride availability. Once it enters a skeletal muscle cell, it binds to the essential amino acid L-histidine to form the dipeptide carnosine.

The benefit of supplementing with beta-alanine lies mostly in its ability to raise muscle carnosine concentrations. In fact, beta-alanine is the limiting amino acid in carnosine synthesis, meaning that its presence in the bloodstream is directly tied to muscle carnosine levels. (Learn more by clicking the logo below)





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