Product Review: Liquid Muscle. Egg Whites 2.0? Get in the trend today!

March 22, 2018


Product Review: Liquid Muscle. Egg Whites 2.0? Get in the trend today!

Time to time,’s staff and athletes sample innovative products that companies send to us.   Today, we look at Liquid Muscle, a Canadian company operating out of Toronto, Canada.

Liquid Muscle is a MUST for all of you health conscious people that want to eat and consume healthy products. This is exactly what this is. Liquid Muscle is made of one of the cleanest proteins that is consumed world-wide, Egg Whites.  Yes, you heard us, EGG WHITES, one of the purest, simple and healthy proteins that our body consumes the best.

No harmful toxins, No Harmful ingredients, just raw goodness!  With Four flavours to choose from, your on the way to becoming a stronger, healthier you!

Liquid Muscle is a flavoured Egg White that has the taste and texture of an indulgent Milkshake with 35 grams of Pure, Clean protein per 292ml with ZERO FAST, ZERO SUGAR and Zero Cholesterol.

This product is pasteurized, so you can drink it right out of the bottle and also cook and bake with it too! Many celebs and sports athletes use this product in their baking and absolutely love it!

Liquid Muscle flavours their egg whites with the following four flavours: Vanilla, Strawberry, Pina Colada and Caramel Apple.

We found it easy, whether it’s after a workout, early in the morning, mid-day or even before bed to consume a nice cup of Liquid Muscle and get our daily intake of protein in a QUICK and easy format!

For more information on the product, please visit them here.

Liquid Muscle comes in four fantastic flavours that are well priced and easy to afford, while maintaining your protein intake throughout the day!



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