Snow™ At-Home Teeth Whitening System Lifestyle Review

August 17, 2018


Snow™ At-Home Teeth Whitening System Lifestyle Review gets tons of product proposals for review for our Lifestyle section.  We pick and choose what we think would be beneficial to our readers, products that are innovative and ground breaking.

One of the most talked about health and beauty products definitely struck a cord with our staff. is an “At Home Teeth Whitening System” that allows you to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home and on your own time.  Most people see great results within only 3, 30-minute sessions.

It is a unique, proprietary formula with only good-for-you ingredients.  For those on the go, they got you covered! The kit is conveniently sized – super easy to travel with.  Whiten anywhere, any time! No batteries necessary.

Self-image is important these days so having a white smile is important and boosts your confidence.

When we tried the Teeth Whitening System, one of the worries was “sensitivity”.  Well folks, there is literally NO sensitivity whatsoever!  They even provide a cream that helps with soothing your teeth after each session.

Some testimonials that we pulled from Google reviews revealed the following:

“I’ve tried whitening strips and was thinking about getting my teeth whitened at the dentist but it’s so expensive! This kit is professional grade, it actually works, and it’s sooo much cheaper than going to the dentist.”

” I was skeptical at first but I noticed that lots of celebrities use it and there are tens of thousands of reviews”.

There is a 5-year warranty on the product, so you know it’s legit.

It actually takes off the deep stains underneath the surface too, so the results stay with you longer, and their serum protects against future stains (fillings, too!).

They give a portion of their sales to help children get dental care that don’t have access—did you know that there are over 17 million American children that don’t have access to dental care?! I had no idea!

According to a People Magazine survey, over 91% of people agree that a white smile is now the #1 most desired physical trait in a partner.

Click to see the intro video below, and get your “At Home Teeth Whitening System today!”


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