Lifestyle Review: The BEST Wireless Charging Mount for YOUR Car!

April 23, 2019


Lifestyle Review: The BEST Wireless Charging Mount for YOUR Car! this month is highlighting a lifestyle product that makes everyday commuters lives THAT much easier, especially when it comes to navigating and keeping your phone charged at the same time.   This product is called… Magnet King!

We are almost certain that you have seen advertisements while surfing the net (or Instagram).  This product lives up to the hype!  Magnet King supplied us with a few promo pieces to try out in our own cars and wow did it ever deliver the results we were expecting! is based out of Toronto, Ontario and our roads can be very agressive at times.  Not once did the Magnet King fail us.  It kept our Galaxy Note 8 and 9’s in tact, fully charging and made our lives easier while navigating our maps on the road.

Not only that, our friends were blown away by how stunning the Magnet King looks, and how well it performs! You never have to get stuck with a dead battery again!

For those that do not have wireless charging capabilities, you can always just keep your cable plugged into your phone while letting it rest on the moujnt itself.

No sticky glue, no mess, no problem! We rate this product 10++.

They will also include a universal dash mount so you can charge around your home.

Compeltely safe, ISO international certified, and tested by the strictest European/German product standards.

To order yours now, please visit this link


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