MMACanada Lifestyle Review: Own a Tourbillon Watch made by Era TimePieces

August 14, 2019


MMACanada Lifestyle Review: Own a Tourbillon Watch made by Era TimePieces recently reached out to an innovative company called “Era TimePieces” to see what all the fuss was about with their ground breaking affordable TourBillon Watches.

We immediately thought that us Canadians, being a strong economy and fashion/jewellery enthusiasts, would definitely gravitate towards this product, especially if youknow the deep history of how these watches are made, and how you do not have to become a millionaire to own one.

We spoke with Michael Galarza, CEO and President of Era TimePieces to discuss what is a TourBillon watch and why you do not have to be a millionaire to own one:

“The Tourbillon was invented in the last 1790’s by Breguet as a way of increasing accuracy in then-mechanical clocks. By using the inertia of a continuously revolving tourbillon cage, the inaccuracy accumulated from positional inaccuracy is evenly distributed at all times.

In 2019, the most practical application of the Tourbillon is simply its mesmerizing appearance. A true Tourbillon is a sight to behold, but it’s so difficult to make that they usually cost 5-6 figures due to the massive amount of time devoted to the hand-made aspects.

We here at ERA bypassed the Luxury Watch Cartel that controls 87% of the world’s revenue of watches and worked directly with master watchmakers to find a way to be able to produce them while requiring the least amount of time from master watchmakers, thus dropping the cost down exponentially so that anyone who wants to save up can afford one.”

Charles Rock, CEO of wore this watch while walking in the dense city of Toronto and immediately, 3 watch enthusiasts stopped him and asked where he got this from. “I was walking from one meeting to another and I got plenty of compliments from executives saying the look and finish of the watch looked very impressive and expensive!”.

There are currently two models to choose from. There is the ERA Prometheus which retails at $1499 USD.

If you want something more beefy and eye catching, consider the ERA Prometheus Titan Edition which retails for $6500 USD.

Consider this a great investment and purchase. This watch will certainly turn heads!

For more information, videos and photos, please be sure to visit the Era Official Website here.


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