Modern Anti Theft backpack made by Nayo Smart is taking the world by storm!

August 23, 2019


Modern Anti Theft backpack made by Nayo Smart is taking the world by storm!

The modern era is definitely here, along with high tech high priced items such as laptops, tablets, pricey smartphones etc.

In this edition, reviews Nayo Smart’s modern backpack made for the modern day citygoer or traveler that believes in ultimate protection. Today, we present the Nayo Smart Defensor!

No matter where in the world you travel and if you take your laptop and other valuables with you, having an anti-theft backpack for travel is absolutely invaluable. Secret pockets, Locking Zippers, Water Resistance and Slash-Proof Fabric, Nayo Defensor doesn’t miss any feature of an anti-theft backpack. Having such a backpack, a thief will immediately remove you from the target list as most will move on to easier targets. staff has a chance to review this backpack, and upon receiving the item, we noticed right away that these bags look SUPER SUPER modern, fashion friendly and lightweight for easy transportation when lugging them around!

On a first glance, we noticed the wonderful USB charging built in hub that allows us to connect an external battery charger. This is very convenient for those that need power on the go!

Another feature we thought was grand, was the 180 degrees open structure that makes this backpack travel friendly. It is definitely alot easier to pack your items carefully.

The material is very durable and very expensive looking (without the hefty price tag of course!) Nayo Smart’s 900d polyester is coated with waterproof material, creating excellent durability and weather resistance for years to come.



The best protection you can have in a backpack is the TSA Lock for added safety.  Nayo Defensor has an in-built TSA lock to keep your laptop and other valuable items safe from being stolen or simply being lost in haste. Hidden pockets under back padding are also there so that don’t lose the small yet invaluable stuff.


There is no doubt once you finish reading this, that you will head on over to Nayo Smart’s official website and order one today! When your lugging this around the office, your doing so in style, protection and safety!  There is no other backpack in the world that can compete with this one for under $100!

We rate this backpack a A+ and Two Thumbs up!


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