Kick your Video Blogging skills up a notch with Ulanzi Products!

October 30, 2019


Kick your Video Blogging skills up a notch with Ulanzi Products!

It’s no doubt in this modern world that Video Blogging has become a normal thing for everyday people. The ever changing landscape of Smartphones has provided us with state of the art camera and video capabilities that have allowed us to capture life’s precious moments and Ulanzi have teamed up to present to our readers the very best in Smartphone blogging equipment and accessories!

Ulanzi is a world wide leading manufacturer and distributor of Smartphone products that gear towards enhancing your video blogging experience.

We were given the chance to review a few key items. Take a look below:

Ulanzi Metal Rig Pro

No doubt, this is the very best Smartphone Rig on the market today. Made of full metal, this Rig will feel very luxurious in the palm of your hand.

This Rig will elevate your blogging experience by allowing you to snap on items such as Ulanzi LED light (For better lighting in photos and video) and microphones. The rig features cold shoes (Fancy term for allowing you to clip on these other items).


MMACanada shot a few segments and it gave us such a better experience versus holding our Smartphone awkwardly in the palm of our hand.

The Ulanzi Metal Rig also features a built in lense adapter that allows you to snap on different lenses for wide angle and tele photo shots.

Whether you want to hold the rig while filming scenes, or setting it up on a tripod, we promise you wont have a negative experience at all!

This will elevate your videos. This is a MUST for all those that shoot videos on their Smartphones. Not too mention, this will definitely turn heads without a doubt!

Head on over to Ulanzi and pick yours up today!

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