Introducing Canada’s Favourite Folding E-Scooter With Power To Get You Around At An Affordable Price

November 18, 2019


Introducing Canada’s Favourite Folding E-Scooter With Power To Get You Around At An Affordable Price

We at got our hands on the newest and coolest E-Scooter to hit the Canadian and American market! The SmartKick X7 Pro Electric Kick Scooter with Quick Removable Battery and Triple Breaks will surely turn heads when your zipping around the city effortlessly to get from your point A to B.

Our friends over at sent us a Scooter for review to give our honest opinion on how this matches up to its competitors.

At first glance, the Scooter came in a compact sized box, easy to open and included the Scooter, instruction pamphlet and charging cable.

When lifting the Scooter, you can tell the durability is on point. Its not heavy and not too light either which makes for a perfect fit when searching for the perfect Scooter to buzz around with.

It was fairly simple to get up and running. The LCD screen provides info on how fast your going and on the battery life. One of the main PROS to the X7 pro is the fact that you can remove the battery and replace it with another for longer ranges. Other competitors like the well known Segway are non removable, so whatever range you get out of it, you’ll have to stop and charge the Scooter until you can ride it again (which could take hours!).

While we were riding the Scooter, we must say we were impressed by the speeds we were able to achieve and how smooth the Scooter actually is. When unfolding the scooter to its upright position, there is little to NO wiggle. Its very tight and on point. We were shocked that the X7 pro fitment was dead on, again, compared to the more expensive brands on the market.

One of the other PROS that the X7 Pro has over its competitors is that it features the largest 10 inch tube tire in the market segment. This helps with stability and adds to the smoothness of the ride itself. This is one of the most important aspects when choosing the right E-Scooter.

The SmartKick X7 Pro is an upgraded version of X7 with 350W Motor that can reach 30 km/h (18.6 mph) Speed and range of 30 km (18.6 mi) and weighs only 13 kgs (29 lbs).

Ok, lets talk about the X7 Pro Water Resistance: X7 Pro is IP54 water resistance on its core parts, and can withstand minor water splashes on the go. This ensures you are able to ride in light rain or at least able to lead to a safe location if weather gets unfavorable.

*The company suggest that Extreme riding in wet and heavy rain or riding in pooling water is not recommended and may damage the device over a period of time.*

In some states/provinces a bell is mandatory and is a way of letting other road and path users know that you’re there. The X7 Pro integrated bell makes this job easier with the smooth click of a button to warn other riders.

Lets talk about the Triple Braking System. The X7 pro features a Rear wheel mechanical disc brake plus Front wheel regenerative electronic brake, simultaneous dual brake provides the greatest stability and steer-ability. Rear fender brake is an additional safety feature that can assist in breaking by just pushing the fender down.

To top this review off, we tested the X7 Pro at night and the front and read LED lights provided sufficient lighting to help guide us through night time riding.

All in all, this E-Scooter TURNS HEADS! We are located in the busy city of Toronto and it is the PERFECT way to get around without having to drive a car!

OK OK… here comes the BEST PART! … The Price! At a WHOPPING $799/CDN, this is MUCH CHEAPER and BETTER! This E-Scooter offers MORE than its more expensive competitors on the market.

So, with the holidays around the corner, it is time to pick one up for yourself! Visit their official store here for more info on the Smartkick X7 Pro.



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