Atmotube: Introducing the World’s Advanced Wearable Air Pollution and Weather Tracker!

December 19, 2019


Atmotube: Introducing the World’s Advanced Wearable Air Pollution and Weather Tracker! was very excited to get our hands on one of these. We noticed it on a popular YouTube series and wanted to reach out to the company and see this thing in person for ourselves.

Thank you to Atmotube for sending us a unit for review. You know, with all of the pollution going on in this world, it is VERY important to know when your health is in danger and at risk.

Think of Atmotube as an air quality coach. It is a first of their kind, a groundbreaking device that will surely benefit your life.

Atmotube Pro is the ideal full-featured solution, a portable indoor-outdoor air quality monitor that detects fine particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and reports them in real-time. Exposure to high levels of these pollutants can lower productivity, affect sleep and athletic performance, and influence mood.

We all know that these “invisible” pollutants can contribute to heart disease, respiratory problems, and even dementia over time. If you spend a lot of time outdoors working or exercising, this is the Atmotube for you. Needless to say, you wont even feel it on your body. Its lightweight and super easy to use.

You can clip it just about anywhere and go on with your day. The neat thing about this is if your sensitive to certain types of weather, it will alert you. If your walking your young child in an area where there is harmful bacteria floating around, it will warn you.

You can pick one of these up for a special Christmas pricetag of $143.2and valid until December 21. After December 21 the price will be $179.

When you download the app, you will unlock all of its features and keep you posted on the go with stats, reports and everything in between. It is available on both iOS and Android.

The Atmotube is calibrated straight out of the box and you get:

1 Atmotube
USB-C Charging Cable
Quick Start Guide

We highly recommend this and will continue to wear this and showcase updates on our Twitter and Facebook. Head on over there right now to pick yours up today!


Watch a short video on Atmotube below:



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