Windsor, Ontario’s Randa Markos sick, concerned about COVID-19 after UFC Brasilia fight

March 18, 2020


Windsor, Ontario’s Randa Markos sick, concerned about COVID-19 after UFC Brasilia fight

Andrew Richardson – Last week, Dana White and UFC adamantly proclaimed for all to hear that the show would continue on, regardless of whether that meant venue changes or empty arenas. Cooler heads have since prevailed — or rather, government shutdowns and regulations forced them to — and the next three events have been postponed indefinitely.

However, in the case of Randa Markos, the damage may have already been done. Markos fought last Saturday (March 14, 2019) at the empty UFC Brasilia event, well after most sports organizations were called off. Traveling from Canada to Brazil is risky enough during a global pandemic, but chances of contracting the virus definitely increase when physically fighting another person, particularly when neither combatant has been tested.

While Markos has thankfully made the journey home, she is not feeling well and has not been able to receive a test for the virus.

A lot of fans and pundits alike called for last week’s event to be canceled regardless of the audience situation, and this is a perfect example of why. Hopefully, Markos does not have the virus, but either way, her health is at risk, and she’s in a situation without real answers. Furthermore, the extremely contagious nature of the virus means that if Markos did contract it, many more were exposed in the last few days, potentially including her corner and opponent.



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