Bracelayer® Pants: The Ultimate in Knee Stabilizing Compression

June 18, 2020


Bracelayer® Pants: The Ultimate in Knee Stabilizing Compression is excited to introduce a state of the art product that will help with knee and joint pain.

The good people over at Bracelayer® sent us a few samples, custom fit to our legs to see how much more improvement we would have during our vigorous workouts.

First of all, most of you may be asking “What are Bracelayer® Knee Stabilizing Compression Pants??”

The simple answer, (which can be found on their official site), Bracelayer® Knee Stabilizing Compression Pants have unique and functional designs that incorporate a thin layer of medical-grade, ventilated neoprene around the knees, IT bands and hips to improve balance and stability while reducing joint pain.

Alot of you Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestlers and Muay Thai practitioners may experience pain in the knee because your using your body weight to shoot in on a training partner or throwing those hard body kicks. This is where Bracelayer® comes in. The team has developed such a great product to help because we all know recovery is of the utmost importance… better yet, avoiding injury is simply crucial to any athlete.

Bracelayer isn’t just for the MMA athlete, it can be worn by any athlete, whether it be for skiing, snowboarding *you get the idea*

Bracelayer pants are made out of an antimicrobial Lycra® compression fabric which is 88% Nylon / 12% Spandex. The supportive Tri-Tech layer around the knee and along the IT band is made from the same compression fabric with a thin layer of medical grade perforated neoprene on top, which is then covered with a compression mesh.

To better understand how your Bracelayer® should fit, the overall fit should be snug with the bottom edge of the neoprene resting near the top of your calf muscle. Your Bracelayer may require a short break-in period. Our garments do fit tighter in the waist and knee than traditional compression pants in order to maintain a snug fit and function as designed.

If your excited (just like how we were), you can head on over to their official website and read their FAQ. Every answer is there.

So, whats the cost? If we told you, you wouldnt believe us! For under $100, you can save yourself many trips to the doctor *and not too mention lots of money*.

MMACanada gives this two thumbs up!


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