UFC’s Ariane Lipski talks fighting and supplements

November 14, 2020


UFC’s Ariane Lipski talks fighting and supplements

At UFC Fight Night 172 Ariane Lipski certainly lived up to her nickname, the
“Queen of Violence”, when she made quick work of Luana Carolina, ending the
contest quickly with a brutal kneebar 88 seconds into the first round, only the
second leg lock submission in women’s UFC history.

In an interview with Combate, Lipski confessed it took her a while to find her
rhythm in the UFC after losing her first couple of bouts and not having an
impressive win against Isabela de Padua. However, Ariane now grows more
confident with each training camp and believes she is well on her way to become
a top fighter in the UFC.

“You wanted violence, right? There you go,” she said. “I’m finding myself. I’ve
been understanding my game plan better and what I have to do to maintain my
strategy in the fight, no matter who my opponent is.”

Before the win, Lipski (13-5) scored a unanimous decision victory over Isabela de
Padua, back in November 2019. The victory ended a two-fight losing streak for
the 26-year-old, who lost her first two UFC bouts to Joanne Calderwood and
Molly McCann via unanimous decision.

Now Ariane and her trainer/husband Renato “Rasta” Da Silva Jr. have turned
their attention to her upcoming bout against Antonina Shevchenko on Saturday
November 21 st.

Antonina is a Kyrgyzstani/Peruvian Muay Thai fighter and mixed martial artist,
currently 8 – 2 – 0, who is one of the fiercest female combatants in the UFC.
Shevchenko has run through the contenders placed before her thus far and
wholly dominated them. The UFC is hoping that Lipski will be the up-and-coming
star who can pose a viable threat to ‘The Bullet’.

“I don’t underestimate any opponent.” Lipski said. “I’ve grown a lot in the past
year. Of course I want to win this fight by KO but I have also been continuing to
work with my coach on my grappling so that I will be ready for whatever comes
my way.”

Asked about how things have changed for her since signing with UFC, Ariane
acknowledges the realization that she needed to take her training to a whole new

“I always trained hard, but fighting in the UFC gives me different challenges. I not
only have to improve my fighting skills in many areas, but my body needs to be in
peak condition too.”

“I continue to do my work on the mat, but my coach and I are now adding more
weight training and cardio conditioning. Of course, I have to pay more attention to
my diet and nutrition as well.”

“I have found certain supplements have become an important part of my training.
Every day I take MCT oil and a multivitamin with anti-oxidants. As I am intolerant
to lactose, when I use whey protein it upsets my stomach. So now I use a beef
protein from MuscleMeds called Carnivor several times a day and I feel great.”

“I train a lot and can’t always get to a meal. The Carnivor shakes help me with
nutrition throughout the day, with no stomach upset. It’s so easy to digest. I just
drink a shake and I’m ready to train again. And the flavors are delicious!”
Not only has Ariane’s fighting technique improved, but her look has changed
during the time she has been on this new program.

“My performance and my physique has been improving. I have definitely been
gaining muscle and getting leaner. Another MuscleMeds product that helps me is
Amino Decanate. It’s an amino acid supplement that helps me recover from
intense training. Training as hard and as often as I do can wear you down and
burn up muscle. Amino Decanate helps me hold on to lean muscle while training
every day.”

Looking forward to her upcoming fight, Ariane is optimistic but not leaving
anything to chance.

“Wins don’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of training. I need to know myself and
understand myself. I think we’ve been able to do this pretty well so far, taking it
slow. Things are happening at the right time. I’m young and I’m hungry, very
hungry for more victories.”



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