Top UFC Fighters With The Highest Earnings

February 3, 2021


Top UFC Fighters With The Highest Earnings

Contributor – Being an MMA fighter is a fickle career. Even if you are talented and successful enough to make a living from the sport, it can be over in the blink of an eye. Considering the risks at hand and how few matches a fighter can go in his or her career, it makes sense that the elite earns a healthy amount of cash from their fights. Let’s take a look at the five UFC fighters who have managed to scrape together the largest amount of money from their UFC fights throughout their careers.

The figures on the list don’t include bonuses and undisclosed pay-per-view earnings. However, as you will see, the athletes on the list make quite a lot of money, even without those included, and the payouts seem to grow larger every year. The logical explanation for this is that MMA, and in particular UFC, is as popular as ever, both in terms of bets placed on fights (at you can find your way to several betting sites), as well as media coverage – and a lot of it is thanks to the entertaining icons on the list.

1. Michael Bisping
The fifth highest earner in UFC history is the former Middleweight champion, Michael Bisping. The English fighter had an MMA career that lasted over 13 years, and during his UFC ventures, he managed to earn over 7 million U.S. dollars.

Bisping fought his last UFC fight in November 2017 and officially retired in 2018.

Anderson Silva
Fourth on the list is the Brazilian legend, Anderson Silva, who has earned over 8 million U.S. dollars throughout his long and successful career. Silva has been fighting professionally since 1997, he fought his first UFC fight in 2006, and he is active to this day.

Silva was the UFC Middleweight Champion from 2006 to 2013, which makes him the longest-reigning champion in UFC history.

Alistair Overeem
Alistair Overeem is another MMA veteran who is still active today. Throughout the last couple of years, he has been one of the more active UFC fighters; something that has seen him earn around 10 million U.S. dollars.

The Dutch fighter has never managed to win the Heavyweight title, but he is one of the biggest names in UFC and is currently ranked as number five in the Heavyweight division.

Khabib Nurmagomedov
Until only a few days ago, the unparalleled, Russian fighter, Khabib Nurmagomedov, was third on this list. However, his recent win against Justin Gaethje saw him defend his championship title in the Lightweight division, retire from fighting, and ultimately bring in a record-breaking payout which put him in second place on this list, with closer to 15 million U.S. dollars in earnings.

Nurmagomedov announced that he would retire after the fight, following the death of his father and coach during the summer. He ends his career being reigning Lightweight champion and without ever losing a single fight.

Conor McGregor
You probably guessed that Conor “Notorious” McGregor would top this list. The Irishman is not only one of the most famous UFC fighters; he is also one of the most famous athletes in the world, all categories. McGregor has headlined a fair share of fights in the last couple of years and has brought in over 15 million U.S. dollars during his UFC career.

This past summer, McGregor announced that he was retiring from fighting.

Whereas hockey players can play over 80 games in a season, an MMA fighter won’t even reach that number of fights over their entire career. Yet, the best fighters out there are often able to match the best-paid athletes in the world when it comes to earnings. MMA can be a dangerous sport, but if you are as successful as the above-listed fighters, it is most likely worth it.



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