Battlefield Fight League 64 – Coquitlam, BC

November 16, 2019


Map Unavailable

Date(s) - November 16, 2019

Venue: Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam, BC

Pro Fights:
265lbs- Caio Machado (2-1-1) vs. Justin Doege (2-1)
***Pro Heavyweight Title Fight

265lbs- Dalton Duperreault (0-1) vs. Martin Trempe (0-2)
145lbs- Taylor Christopher (0-0) vs. Cedric Lochard (0-0)
145lbs- Marlan Hall (0-0) vs. Jesus Garcia (1-0)
155lbs- Dario Sinagoga (1-0) vs. Aaron Bowles (0-0)
175lbs- Daniel Richard vs. TBA

Amateur Fights:
135lbs- Indroop Virk (6-0) vs. Mitch Strazzella (3-2)
***Amateur Bantamweight Title Bout

155lbs- Nicolas Ouellet (2-0) vs. Kolten Higginbottom (8-5)
***Amateur Lightweight Title Fight

145lbs- Oguzhan Yalćin (2-1) vs. Mani El-Hefnawy (2-0)
***Amateur Featherweight Title Fight

170lbs- Phil Lauzon (3-1) vs Mike Brackett (2-0)
***Amateur Welterweight Title Fight

170lbs- Manny Fernandez (3-3) vs. Jesse Bull (3-6)
150lbs- Philip Romanov (4-2) vs. Brayden Kersey (1-5)
205lbs- Ivan Hryschuk (1-0) vs. TBA
135lbs- Glen Cuevas (2-3) vs. Scott Erikson (1-1)
135lbs- Aaron Holmes (2-2) vs. Iouri Saveliev (2-1)
155lbs- Brett Coupland (0-1) vs. Flint Radatzke (1-2)
145lbs- Liam Arthur (1-0) vs. Josh Chow (0-1)
135lbs- Hendav Mohammed (0-0) vs. Sina Maani (1-0)
135lbs- Maria Demers (1-0) vs. Jackie Maclean (1-0)
135lbs- Niko Chan (2-1) vs. Varun Sunder Rajan (0-1)


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